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Introduction to Xozz review

Xozz is an Indian web hosting provider which provides affordable web hosting in India. They also provide various services like Cloud hosting, VPS, reseller hosting etc. Are they really worth the price you are paying? Does low cost mean there are compromises? Read our Xozz review to find more.

To do our review, we purchased a web hosting plan from their India website(xozz.in). Which costs 499 rupees ($6.8 approximately)/Year(They also have a global website which but priced higher than Indian version).  Really great pricing. This plan offers unlimited SSD disk space, Unlimited bandwidth etc. It also offers 1GB RAM, 1 CPU and 20 entry process.

Looks like a very good deal for the price we are paying. Additionally, they provide a Litespeed web server along with Jetbackup.

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Shared Hosting

Unlimited resources: They do provide unlimited resources with their plans. That means they provide you unmetered disk space and bandwidth. They also offer an unlimited number of Databases and email addresses.

SSD Drives: Xozz claims that they use SSD drives on all of their shared hosting plans which means your website will load up to 20 times faster than traditional SATA drives.

VPS Hosting

They also offer a VPS plan for those who have bigger needs. All their servers are managed and they do not offer unmanaged VPS. They offer full server management along with instant VPS deployment. However, the price seems more than the competition and you can get a great deal from other VPS hosting providers at cheaper price.

Speed and Performance

Speed and performance are pretty good. Their server responds faster to queries. We used WordPress, after further optimizations, website speed increased even further.

Although, one thing I noticed is that, the speed is not consistent.  Around 2000 websites are being hosted on that web server and its Disk, CPU and memory usage is always high. Probably this is the reason sometimes server is slower to respond.


One word, Not good. The live chat is a disaster, if you ask them something, they ask you to wait and then no reply at all. The only option which works is, to use the support ticket system. While I would love a ticket-based support system over live chat, Xozz ticket system is equally disastrous as their live chat support.

Again, considering price, you can not blame them. But if you need instant support or run an important website and you expect your webhost to respond to your queries fast and effectively, Xozz is not the right web host for you.

Uptime and reliability

Uptime is horrible. in the second day after purchase, our website was offline for 7 minutes. After a few minutes, it again went offline for another 23 minutes, after a few minutes, it was offline for another 5minutes. 35 minutes of downtime in 2 days, really bad.

Reliability is also not good. Your website may go offline whilst you are working on it. This happened to us while we were testing our test website with them. I contacted their support regarding this and they were clueless about this and they were like we are sorry this happened to you but we have no idea.

Money-back and free domain

They do not provide any free domain but it can be justified as no one can provide a free domain when the price is extremely affordable.

They also do not provide a refund. I asked them for a refund followed by these issues and they told me that they do not provide refunds. It seems like they don’t really have a refund policy.

Although I asked them two questions and Here are the replies I got from them

Q1: I am curious to know about your business approach in a highly competative industry like this ?
Ans:- In this highly competitive industry, we provide hosting to our clients at affordable rates. Also, we provide unlimited resources like Bandwidth, Databases, Email ids in our hosting plans.

Q2: You need new customers and you need your old customers to stay with you right? If service is horrible like this, how you’re even going to retain your customers?
Ans:- As mentioned earlier, we provide 24/7 support service to our clients through Livechat and ticket service. In this way we retain our old and new customers.

They told me that they provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth. But we all know that Unlimited storage is actually a gimmick used by web hosts. No web hosts can provide unlimited storage.

Some web hosts use the term “Unmetered” which is again a better word.

They stated that they provide 24/7 support via Live chat and ticket system while their live chat support is really bad but we like their support ticket system.


I have mixed opinions regarding their service. They provide extremely affordable services but you get what you pay for. Your website may go offline anytime and happens frequently.

Also, their support is not that good at least via their live chat system.

Pricing is the decision making factor but it is not the only decision making a factor. One should consider Quality of support and website uptime and reliability in the account before purchasing a web hosting. Web hosting is the backbone of every blog or website and we as a blogger or webmaster invest much time in it what would you do if your web host is not working up to your expectations?

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Also, you want your web host to be there to help you when something goes wrong and your website should be online and available all the time. We can not actually accept too much of downtime when 99.99% server uptime is standard across other web hosts.

Here is our list of great shared web hosting providers and WordPress hosting providers. Consider buying from these web hosts. The reason why we recommend them is that we tested these web hosts and created this list carefully.

If you are not serious about your websites or do it for fun or as a hobby, you can still consider Xozz. Or if you are someone who is new to blogging and want to get yourself familiarized with Cpanel or whole web hosting concept, you can try Xozz only for learning.

If you are looking for some ultra-affordable web-hosting providers, We have a list for that too.

Xozz Rating
  • Speed and performance
  • Price
  • Support
  • Uptime and reliability
  • Features


Xozz is an ultra-affordable web hosting provider which offers various services like shared web hosting, VPS, Cloud hosting etc. But their cheaper price comes at a price- Poor uptime and support. We could not recommend Xozz to anyone as they are really bad in two main things, Support and Uptime.

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