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Finding a good WordPress host can be a hard task. You need to look at various things such as website loading speed, quality of customer support and back up availability and finally, price too can be a factor which could affect a purchase decision.

Often, WordPress hosting can be expensive and it is easily justifiable. As companies need to invest more in expert and experienced staffs for support and expensive SSD disks, back up solutions and other redundancy investments. Companies offering dirt cheap solutions can be well, either using decade-old equipment or they are upselling and both do not look good.

These are few things which explain why managed WordPress hosting can be expensive. And web hosts such as WPEngine and Kinsta (Actually all of them) are an example.

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InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Now we have WPXHosting, which comes with affordable plans without compromising on quality. Their servers are super fast, they have awesome support and their plans are affordable. They have everything a blogger of a small business needs.

WPX Hosting price


WPXHosting is one of the most affordable managed WordPress hosting providers out there, While they are affordable, they are more expensive than typical shared hosting providers(Obviously!).

But for the price you are paying, you are getting excellent services such as frequent backups and great support along with great performance and security. You can even save a few more bucks by signing up for an annual term.

Speed and performance

Being honest, search engines are obsessed with speed. Web hosts always love websites which loads faster so are the users. If you simply do a search on the internet, you can see a lot of case studies which shows how faster page load time increased visitor engagements and conversions.

While speed is one of many ranking signals, it is important too, Google considers page load time as a ranking signal from 2010 for desktop sites and they are doing the same for the mobile version from 2018.

Having a fast loading web host could be helpful to boost your SEO. While there are many things which increases your page load time, the speed of web server is the most important thing. And WPX doesn’t disappoint you.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many factors which affect page loading time. Read some tips to make your website load faster.


Imagine you lost your stored website data? Horrible right? It occurs with web hosts sometimes, especially if you are hosting with new hosting providers there is even a chance that they simply disappear one day and you lost everything!!

This is why we encourage you to go with an established web host XPSHosting offers backups so that you do not need to worry about your data. Even if you make a mistake, you can simply restore from a backup.


Security is another thing which you should be concerned about. WordPress is the most famous CMS and it is easiest to use as a result, more and more users are using WordPress to publish their online content.

This makes another group happy and also makes WordPress their favourite target – Hackers. There are millions of brute force attacks occurs every day on websites and blogs running on WordPress.

Your web host needs good security such as a good firewall and brute force attack prevention system. There will also be new bugs coming out every day and your web host must be able to patch it.

This is where WordPress hosting excels, they only have to deal with WordPress and they got expert staff and WPX is no exception. They provide excellent security so that you do not need to worry about your website and its security.


Support is another important feature which you should look for. Preferably an in-house support team.

Managed WordPress hosts usually employ WordPress experts who can resolve any query within a short time. As they need only hire WordPress experts, they can provide excellent support.

WPS hosting provides great support via live chat and support ticket system. Their support is almost instant and they provide great support too. Being honest you will rarely have to contact them.

Free migration

Migrating your website(s) from current web host can be cumbersome for many of us. Many of us do not know about technical things and will be a hard thing.

WPX can take care of the website moving things thus you do not need to worry about that. If you do it alone there are chances of making mistakes.

Even if you are an expert, how about someone else is doing the job for you so that you need not worry about that.

Uptime and reliability.

Solid uptime and ultra reliable, that’s how we describe WPX hosting. Their uptime is cool and you can really rely on them.

Comparison with competitors

Comparing with the competitors, We must say that WPX offers lot more value than others.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

They do have everything under their hood which includes a free CDN and a fantastic support.

One good thing worth mentioning is the availability of email services they provide. Generally speaking, most managed WordPress hosting provider do not offer email facility. You need to rely on a third party like google.

With XPX, you don’t need to purchase a hosted email service as they provide it along with their plans.


There are many managed WordPress hosting providers out there. WPXHosting stands out from the crow with the quality of service they provide.

They got everything right. From pricing to uptime and reliability, everything is great. If you are looking for a managed web hosting, WPX is the perfect option for you.

Oh, and they also have a golden retriever to cheer you up!

If you need another options other than WPX Hosting, checkout our list of best managed WordPress hosting provides to find some other great WordPress hosting provider.

WPXHosting rating and coclusion.
  • Speed and Performance
  • Price
  • Support
  • Uptime and reliability
  • Features


WPXHosting is a company which offers Managed WordPress hosting solution. They are rapidly growing due to the quality of support they provide. One thing which makes them stand out from the crowd is that they are affordable too. If you are looking for a great WordPress hosting provider with affordable pricing, WPXHosting is the one.

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