Why you needs WordPress hosting

Last Updated on February 22, 2019 by Timothy Ephraim

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WordPress is a world famous CMS which needs no introduction. It is the most used CMS and fastest growing CMS. If you are thinking of making a website or a blog, your first preference would be WordPress regardless of your level of expertise. Or if you are an absolute beginner, you might have heard about WordPress and WordPress hosting during your research. So what is WordPress hosting ? Let’s find out

What is WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is specially tuned to run WordPress CMS. The shared hosting which will probably be your first choice to get started, is made to run all sort of scripts and CMS. It can run WordPress and Joomla, another CMS or any other scripts. So the webhosts have tuned shared hosting to run all of these scripts. It should run your wordPress website and it should run someone else’s HTML website which is hosted on the same server. So tuning the web server for WordPress is an impossible task. That’s why they made WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is specially tuned to run only WordPress which means no other scripts can run on the same web server. This gives absolute freedom for the web host to tune the web server to run WordPress more efficiently and securely. Choosing a web hosting which is specially made for WordPress gives you many advantages, let’s take a loot at them

Advantages of WordPress hosting

It is fast: WordPress hosting is fast. As we mentioned earlier, WordPress hosting is tuned according to the needs of WordPress CMS. Hence it provides optimum environment for speed and performance. WordPress hosting also provides better isolation. Which means you will get your share of dedicated amount of resources another resource hogging websites on the same server will not affect the performance of your website.

It is secure: As WordPress hosting is specially made for WordPress,  it is secure. Since the server runs only WordPress, it is easier for web hosts to provide a secure environment.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Better support: the web hosts can provide better support for their customers. As they only have to provide support for WordPress, they only have to hire the WordPress expert guys. Which means that customers will get better support and faster solutions for their problems

Are there any drawbacks ?

Well, there are no bigger drawbacks except a few. Since hosting is tuned for WordPress, you will not be able to use any other scripts such as Joomla or drupal. Thus, if you plan to make one more website you will be forced to use WordPress. If you want to use something else other than WordPress you will have to purchase another appropriate shared or VPS hosting

Should I use WordPress hosting ?

Yes, you should. Most people prefer shared hosting in the beginning and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But now a days WordPress hosting is not that expensive when compared with a shared hosting. Price difference is not that big when compared with shared hosting unless you choose expensive enterprise level web hosts such as kinsta or pagely. You can start out with much affordable WordPress web hosts such as Hosrgator or WP engine. When website grows bigger, next option for most people would be a VPS hosting to handle the influx of huge traffic and better speed. If you choose VPS, again you have two options, managed and undamaged VPS. While unmanaged VPS appears cheaper, you still requires technical knowledge and other expenses are also included such as purchasing license for Cpanel (or plesk) and WHM if you wish to use it. While. Also, if you run into some problem expect zero help from your web host. Other option for you is to go with managed VPS and it is again mkre expensive. So i would suggest you to go with managed WordPress hosting as your webhost will take care of everything, you can focus on building your webiste. If you have many websites which runs on other CMSs such as Joomla and drupal, a managed VPS would be better for you

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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