What is a CDN and best CDN providers


If you own a website or a blog, you might be aware why it is important to have a fast loading website. Nowadays, website speed is also a ranking factor for Search engine and a slowly loading website can be a reason for lower search engine rankings. Solutions include the use of better web host (See our recommendations for best-shared web hosts, WordPress hosts and VPS hosting providers) and CDN for faster websites. What is CDN? We have explained it here and  have a list of best CDN providers which you can use to increase your website speed

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What is CDN

CDN is one of most used technology now. They are designed to provide better, faster experience for users. To explain this, Let us say that You have a website which is hosted in the USA. You have a customer from the UK visiting your website. Data has to travel all they from the server which is located in the USA to the client’s computer which is located in the UK. Due to the distance, your customer may experience slower website loading time. CDN can be helpful. A CDN provider has servers spread all over the world and they make a cached copy of your website’s static content such as images, videos, CSS, and Javascript on their servers.

In such situation, For a user from the UK can experience better speed and latency because the website will be delivered from a CDN which is closer to him. This is how CDN usually work

Apart from providing faster user experience, CDN can also be helpful to provide DDoS mitigation, preventing attackers and filtering out bad crawlers and bots

Best CDN providers


CloudFlare is one of the best CDN providers and they have an excellent free plan too. With multiple choice of caching and an effective DDoS mitigation system, cloudflare can absorb most DDoS before it reaches your website. To avail DDoS mitigation you have to use a paid plan. But if your intention is to get better website load time and response time, the free plan would suffice. Another important thing is, they provide free SSL with the free plan so if you want to use a free SSL, you can consider CloudFlare


KeyCDN comes with a unique pay as you go pricing in which price gets reduced as usage goes high. This makes KeyCDN our favourite CDN provider. Their pricing starts at $0.04/GB. Along with this flexible pricing, KeyCDN offers many other features such as HTTP/2 support, 100% SSD optimized servers, Free Letsencrypt SSL and 25 datacenter locations worldwide.


Max CDN is another well-known CDN provider. Their plan starts at $9 a month with up to 1. While this plan is suitable for bloggers and small websites, they have a bigger plan which costs $299 a month which is suitable for large and rapidly growing websites.  Max CDN provides 24/7 dedicated support and a dedicated account manager.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is another secure CDN provider which will help you to provide a better experience for your customers by reducing latency and increasing transfer speed. It is high-performing, cost-effective and easy to use. Along with caching, Cloudfront also offers effective DDoS protection.


Akamai focused to provide enterprise-level CDN service and DDoS mitigation for medium to large websites. Akamai has a managed CDN service called Aura. For beginners, Akamai can be bit hard but it is worth that.


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Incapsula is another well-known CDN provider. They have a robust content delivery system and data centres spread all over the world. They also support HTTP/2 and instant cache purge.


Edgecast is the CDN service from Verizon. They provide good CDN service which includes Web application Firewall (WAF) and Anti-DDoS protection etc. They offer great security, Great optimization.

If you are looking for a top-notch, enterprise CDN service, Edgecast can be the solution for your needs.

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