Top 5 chrome extensions for your WordPress Website or blog

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Using WordPress for your website? There is no doubt that its one of the most popular CMS out there. If you have a WordPress site running and You use Chrome browser, Here are some chrome extensions which might help you make your work bit easier

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Grammarly is a great tool for all website owners not just for websites running on WordPress. What Grammarly does? Well, it helps you to make better posts by helping you to avoid common grammar mistakes which we make. Grammarly also helps to avoid spelling mistakes as well

You need to go to Chrome extension store and install Grammarly. If you register with, You can also get personalized performance reports and insights to see how you are doing.

Install Grammarly

Ginger Page – Contextual Grammar

This is another excellent plugin you can use while writing for your website. Along with all the features of Grammarly, Ginger page offers few additional features Like to rephrase, Live correction, Favorites and an option to translate. This will make Ginger free another excellent option.

Install Ginger page

WordPress admin bar control

You can see the WordPress admin control bar while editing your website or while visiting your website while you are logged in to the back end. Admin control bar helps you to hide the admin bar if you do not want to see it. Please note that this extension does not remove admin bar, it only hides the admin bar. Clicking the button brings the admin bar back.

Install WordPress admin bar control

WordPress site Manager

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This extension helps you to save information of all your website or website if you have many. You can easily navigate to your websites without any hassle and also can auto login to your website. This extension also helps you to edit your themes’ style sheet

Install WordPress Style Editor

WordPress Style Editor

WordPress style editor will help you to edit your CSS style sheets. You can edit your CSS style sheets real time. Once you are done saving will change style sheet of your website. So proceed with caution

Install WordPress style Editor

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