Top 10 shared web hosting providers in 2017

Here is our list of top shared web hosting companies. We carefully curated these web hosts based on many factors. we know it is frustrating to find a shared hosting which works. Especially for beginners as they often start out their website with shared web hosting which is really affordable and better way to start a website and grow. Thus, choosing a web host which offers good service is crucial as changing web host until you find a web host is not a feasible option. So we did our research and experiments and we have made a list of best web hosts based on various factors listed following. To know more about it, Checkout Our article about the untold secrets of shared web hosting

  • Disk space allowance
  • Bandwidth allowance
  • Server resources ( Such as memory and entry processes)
  • Speed and latency
  • User reviews
  • Latency
  • Support

We wish to tell you that our choices are not endorsed by anything like affiliate commission and not sponsored either

1.Fastcomet  Read Review   Visit Fastcomet

We absolutely love FastComet.  Reasons, why we put FastComet in the first place, are many. They provide excellent quality service at an affordable price. They also provide top quality support. Along with all these, they offer a free domain for life which is pretty rare. One thing we loved about them is that they do not increase their price for renewals like many other web hosts. Overall, we love Fastcomet for their quality of service, support, and features


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