The untold secrets of shared web hosting


As many of you already know, shared hosting is one of cheapest web hosting option for beginners or bloggers to get started. You plan to get started with a website and yes, shared web hosting is the best option for most webmasters


However, there are some factors you needs to consider while purchasing a web hosting plan. I am not talking about unlimited disk space or bandwidth, There are few other things which you needs to consider

What is unlimited?

While your research to find a suitable shared web hosting you might have seen web hosts boasting they offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. We can tell that it is just a marketing gimmick, let us explain that. Before getting started let us explain what is shared web hosting. Imagine a dormitory which accommodates many people in a room. Shared hosting is exactly like this, your website is kept in a shared server along with other websites where you share server resources with others. So, everything is shared you can use only server resources allocated to you. If your site uses more resources than allocated, they will kill processes running since excessive use of resources by one website could affect the performance of other websites as well.

Now, coming back to the “unlimited” disk space, we know that every server has a hard drive where the website is saved and delivered from. It is pretty same as our PCs hard drive. Have you ever heard of a Hard drive offering unlimited storage? Your answer will be no but then how these web hosts can offer unlimited storage? Well, it is just a marketing gimmick(Some web host do use the term unmetered instead unlimited that is pretty honest). Web hosts know that you can not use all the web disk space and resources, for ?if you do so, they will ask you to upgrade to a VPS or a dedicated server

What to ask for?

Well, now we know the reality about unlimited. So what we need to look for while purchasing a shared hosting plan ? I would say that you need to check how much memory is allocated, check for CPU speed as well. Another important thing is entry process, entry process is the number of PHP scripts run at a time. Most web hosts offer at least 30 entry processes, for an advanced plan you can expect something close to 100 entry processes or more. In most scenarios, 30 entry processes are enough for your website to run smoothly.  but if the number of php scripts running at the same time on your website increases, it might give an internal server error. So choose wisely and don’t make your web hosting experience disastrous

In short, you should as these questions

  • What you mean by unlimited ?
  • Is there a fair usage policy ?
  • How many entry process are available ?
  • How much memory is allocated per user/per plan ?
  • What are I/O process limit ?
  • Is there an overage charge ?

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