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Introduction to Siteground review

Web hosting is the backbone of every website. And most newbie webmasters will probably choose a shared web hosting for their website and there is nothing wrong with that and it is the best suitable hosting for a newbie website owner when everything considered. Siteground is one of those web hosts you should consider hosting your website. Why ? because they are simply awesome. What makes Siteground awesome? read this Siteground review to find why

When I started a new website, I had no idea about anything. I made lots of mistakes in SEO and choosing the best web host for my websites. I chose a cheap web host and always I got what I paid for – a poorly performing website. That’s when I came to know that better services are expensive but not too much. You should also consider buying shared hosting from a good company which offers great performance because website speed is a ranking factor for SEO.

Well, to be honest, I would consider many other factors othet than Speed for SEO such as perfomance, support and security (Why ? Because everyone want to hack your website)

OK enough with the introduction and let’s jump into the review.

Siteground provides all types of hosting, Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated servers. I purchased their go big plan which is priced at $5.95 Use think to link to avail 60% off on any plans from Siteground

Overview of Their WordPress (Also shared) hosting plans

Before getting started I would like to make it clear that siteground does not actually have perfect wordpress hosting plan. The so-called wordpress hosting plans are actually their shared plants too

So why me or others or even siteground itself calls it a wordpress hosting?

the answer is simple their shared hosting (Except starter) is optimised for WordPress and they also offers some cool wordpress related features such as one click Staging, one plus wordpress install, auto WordPress update and the most expensive plan comes with fewer websites on server.

So, shared hosting except startup and all other hosting services of their’s such as cloud hosting and dedicated hosting gets managed WordPress feature


these features make siteground shared hosting a managed WordPress hosting

Now let’s take a detailed look on their hosting plans

Siteground plans

Startup: Use this if you have only one website to host. In this plan, you will get 10GB disk space $9.95 regularly. (Get 60% off with this link)

Grow Big: the next plan is Grow big which allows you to host multiple websites and comes 20GB disk space. This plan has advanced WordPress caching available.( Link for 60% off)

Go geek: The ultimate plan which gives 30GB storage and comes with extra WordPress features such as one click WordPress staging and fewer accounts on the server.(LInk for 60% off)

You can choose one from this based on your needs. If your WordPress website receives much more traffic or is an established one, I would recommend you to go with Go geek plan.

Siteground Cloud hosting

Along with the shared hosting, siteground also offers cloud hosting too.

They offer scalable enterprise level cloud hosting which is fully managed and comes with 24/7 VIP support. They also provides free CDN and free offsite backup

it also comes with other features such as free Cpanel and WHM. You can also avail free domain name along with free IP address and free SSL certificates

There are three plans

Entry: the first plan is called entry which is priced at $80/month. With this plan you can avail 2 core CPU 4GB memory along with 40 GB storage and 5 TB bandwidth.

Business: the next plan is business which is priced at $120 a month. with this plan plan you can avail 3 core CPU 6 GB RAM and 60 GB storage this plan allows 5 TB bandwidth.

Business plus: The bigger Plan is called business Plus which is priced at $160/month. In this plan you can avail 4 CPU cores with 8 GB RAM 80 GB SSD storage along with 5 TB bandwidth.

Super power: The Ultimate Plan is called superpower. This plan is priced at $240 a month. With this plan you can get 8 CPU cores and 10 GB RAM. Value get 120 GB disc space the bandwidth is still 5 TB.

if your website outgrown your shared hosting environment you can consider moving to a cloud hosting plan

or if you are someone who is looking for a cheap and highly performing cloud hosting service you can also consider moving to siteground shared hosting.

Siteground Performance

Like I mentioned before in this article, performance is one of my main concern while deploying a website. Faster servers are necessary for better SEO and to reduce bounce and conversion rate. Surprisingly, Siteground blown me away with its blazing fast speed. My website loaded blazing fast I would give 10/10 for the website performance

Siteground Support

Support is another concern while we choose our web host. When we run into a problem and our web host is not ready to help, it can be a horrible experience and there is no other way rather than moving to a better web host. With Siteground, you need not worry about that. Their response is fast and can provide a better solution for all your problems. I contacted them with few issues and they fixed my issues very fast

What we liked about Siteground

Great speed

Siteground shared hosting offers incredibly fast website loading time. As we all know website speed is important for better SEO. Siteground shared hosting offers good speed if you need more speed and better performance you can consider their most expensive plan which is goverment plan

One click WordPress installation

WordPress can be installed with one click. this will be helpful for most newbies as they don’t have to struggle with the wordpress installation

Auto WordPress update

When a new update is available WordPress gets updated to newer version automatically.

WordPress staging

If you want to test a live website, you can do it with the WordPress staging feature.

wordpress Staging is extremely helpful if you want to test something on a live website. Or see what happens if you are going to do something uncertain without breaking your lie website

Free SSL

They provide free wildcard SSL with their bigger plans. They also provide Letsencrypt SSL for free. Free SSL yes nowadays being offered by most web hosts


When compared with the other web host their support is fast and very effective and they are always helpful and they got good support staff who knows what they’re doing

they also offers support through various channels such as live chat, tickets and phone

Multiple Datacenter Locations

They have three data centre options available for you to choose from. So that you can choose a datacenter which is closer to majority of your website visitors to give them a faster experience on your website.

They have data centres in USA, Europe and Asia


I would say that Siteground is a wonderful web host. Their servers perform very well and their support is awesome. Some of you might feel that they are a bit over priced. But, I would say that the difference in price is pretty minimal. When the quality of service is concerned, It is not at all over priced. If you are planning to use WordPress, (Most probably you will be) You can not get anything better than Siteground. It is one among the best WordPress hosting

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