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wordpress-logo-seaWordPress is one of most famous and widely used CMS. There are millions of websites that use WordPress to power their website. Thus we have made a list of must have WordPress plugins which you should install on your website right away

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When you start a website or blog running on WordPress, within days spammers will find your website and start spamming your website with comments. This can be annoying. Reviewing comments manually and removing them can be time-consuming. Here Akismet can help you. Akismet can be the silent assassin of   spam comments which silently prevent spam comments from appearing on your website


Jetpack comes with an array of features. With Jetpack, you can carry out the features to your website. Like Status, Jetpack comments, VaultPress WordPress single sign in etc. This makes Jetpack an essential WordPress plugin

Wordfence Security

Security in WordPress is a serious issue, millions of websites are running on WordPress and it is the most widely used CMS. This makes WordPress a favourite destination for hackers. Your websites can also be a target for hackers. One of the biggest problems for WordPress is brute force attack. To secure your websites from these attacks and other hacking attempts, you need to install a security plugin in your WordPress website. Wordfence can help you to secure your website. There are other plugins too, which you can consider. Why I added Wordfence on the list is, it comes with a basic caching system which will help to speed up your website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The next must-have plugin is WordPress SEO plugin and the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is the best plugin out there. You might need to get a better ranking in Search engine. And this plugin can help you. It comes with Meta description and Sitemap and even a page analysis. It’s one of must have plugin for WordPress

While most recommend Yoast SEO, we use All in one SEO pack for this website and we are getting wonderful results too. If you search on the internet, you can find a lot of Yoast SEO vs AIOSEOP articles and most will tell you that Yoast is best or both are here

Our experience is pretty different. We saw a massive improvement in our SEO after switching to AIOSEOP. We will recommend anyone to try both and choose the one which gives the best result

W3 total cache

Website speed is one of the most important factors in SEO. Most search engines rank your website and pages based on the speed hence your website needs to load as fast as it can. The W3 total cache can help you here with that. It will help to speed up your website greatly and reduce server load. Which makes it one of must have plugin for WordPress. Though your options are not limited with W3 total cache. See our list of best WordPress caching plugins


This plugin helps you to optimize your website by cleaning your website database. Your database is filled with many useless data such as spam comments, trashed comments, revisions, drafts etc. These data will occupy a considerable amount of space in your database. WP-Optimize will help you to clean your database without phpMyAdmin

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Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress. Big images in your websites will take more time to load and make your website slow. This could cause serious SEO problems. In order to avoid this, use Wp plugin. This plugin downloads your images and reduces the size of your images then re-upload them back. This is a must have plugin if you expect more traffic from search engines.

Smush is not the only image optimization plugin. To know more about the best image optimization Plugins, Read this article about best image optimization plugins for WordPress

Mail From

This is small light weight plugin which Changes the default address that WordPress sends its email from. You can choose any email address of your choice. Such as or anything like you wishes. This gives more professional look for your emails

Pretty Link

when it comes to monetizing your website, there is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the best way out there. adding your affiliate link everywhere on your blog can be cumbersome for many and pretty link can help you with that.They help you to mask your affiliate link from others. It also helps to add your affiliate links on your blog easily. it also has additional features such as clicks and impression reports and grouping. Even if you are not into affiliate marketing, you can use pretty link to make your outbound links to appear more clean and professional

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