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As you may already know, finding the best web host is a hefty task. For those newbie bloggers finding the best web host can be even harder than the experienced ones. It is always better to check reviews before purchasing a shared web hosting plan as moving your website from one web host to another could be a hefty task especially for beginners. I am speaking this from my own experience. I have tried big web hosts and they were OK in most scenarios. But there were so many problems which I wasn’t aware as a newbie, such as less number of the entry process, Less memory allocation, all these returned errors for my users when there is a traffic surge on my website. Additionally, I also had my websites respond and load slowly. That is the reason why I decided to switch to Milesweb. Since I found they are really awesome, I decided to write a Milesweb review

Services and Pricing

Milesweb offers various services such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Milesweb is known for their quality of services that is the reason why they are growing fast and gaining more customers. Let’s see their services and plans in detail.

Before getting started, Let us discuss what makes Milesweb shared hosting worth purchasing? what we love most about is, their incredible support, they are always ready and available to help. They offer support via live chat, ticket, and phone.

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Along with that, they offer free SSL via Letsencrypt for all websites hosted with them. SSL is becoming mainstream nowadays and it is necessary for better SEO too.

They offer latest Cpanel and sitepro free website builder too. If you prefer a CMS rather than website builder, you can use Softaculous to install 400+ famous scripts.

They provide free website migration and free malware scan and removal. Which means they will scan your website daily and removes all the malware for you if you are affected. And if you are already hosting with another web host, they will move your website for free. You do not need to worry about that too.

They have data centres in 4 locations worldwide, India, USA, UK and Romania. You can choose one which is closer to you or closer to the majority of your website visitors as per your wish.

Business Shared Hosting

Milesweb offers two kinds of hosting. Business hosting, which is their premium shared hosting service. And they also provide cheap shared hosting plans for those who are on a tight budget.

To make it easier for you to understand, we made a table of Milesweb plans and pricing.

[ninja_tables id=1940]

They have three plans and you can choose one which suits better for your needs and budget.

If you are on a tight budget or you do not need that much of resources, You can choose one from their cheaper plans which is affordable.

They have three affordable plans available. And you can find them in the table below

[ninja_tables id=1941]

They have plans suitable for all types of users. From bloggers to startup and Midsized companies. Compare them and choose the one which suits better for you.

Budget Shared hosting

They also have basic shared hosting plans which is much cheaper than the business hosting. If you are on a tight budget or less demanding website and less traffic, it is always good to try their Budget shared hosting plans.

The cheapest plan starts from $12.60/year and most expensive plan starts from $55.50 a year.

These affordable plans come with SSD drives, Free SSL, Cpanel control panel and all other standard features.


VPS is also a shared environment in which server resources are equally partitioned and it is made available for everyone. Best thing of VPS is that your allocated resources are always allowed to you which means other websites hosts hosted on the same server will not affect your website’s performance

Milesweb offers 4 Linux VPS hosting plan starting from $14/ month. They have competitive prices and great services to offer. You can not get a managed VPS elsewhere at this price. Their great support and affordable pricing make VPS affordable for everyone.

Their plans are as follows

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They offer one dedicated IP for free with all plans and you can choose a data centre of your choice without additional charges.


For the most demanding website, Milesweb also offers a dedicated hosting. Although this Milesweb review is mainly focused on their shared hosting and VPS hosting, we never tested their dedicated hosting. They have three dedicated hosting plans and you can choose one according to your needs and traffic. We list their plans in the table below

[ninja_tables id=1948]

You have two datacenter options in India and USA. Milesweb also offers 2 dedicated IP address free with each plan.

Speed and Performance

Milesweb has Server in various locations. They have their data centres in India, USA, Europe. You can choose the data centre which is closer to the majority of your clients. Most of my website visitors are from the USA and Europe so I chose USA data centre. With my previous host, my site response time was above 1 second. But when I switched to Milesweb. I saw that the website responded in less than 200 milliseconds which is recommended by Google. I use an SSL certificate and they slightly reduce website response time, even then, Milesweb servers managed to respond faster. Page load time is also very good. I checked website speed from various locations, website performance was fantastic most of the time. This is pretty impressive for a shared web hosting server.


Support is something you should look for while purchasing a web hosting plan. Don’t always go for cheaper hosting just to save few bucks. You might need to compromise on other things like support and performance. So support is something very crucial and Milesweb does provide top-notch support for its customers through Phone, Live Chat, and Phone. Also, they are available 24*7. If you run into any problem, they are always there to help. We tested their support at different times of the day and found it is fantastic. They were polite and experienced to solve all of the issues created by us


One thing we shouldn’t forget that they are a start-up company from India which grows fast due to their quality of service. But I would say that even without discounts, their pricing is really affordable for all. A decent shared web hosting price varies between 90-150$ typically and each shared web host has its own pros and cons when compared. When pricing and quality of service are considered, Milesweb is cheap. I don’t go for a web host which gives a huge discount for the initial term and charges 2x or 3x more than that for renewals. If you get huge discounts, keep in mind that there is always a catch in everything.

Uptime and Reliability

They guarantee 99.95% uptime. This is pretty great. Although many of their competitors are providing 99.99% uptime guarantee, during the past three months, their downtime was 8 minutes. While comparing with the competition, They provide 99.99% uptime during our test period. * minutes of downtime in a month is good and acceptable.

Moneyback and free domain

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They do have an anytime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, they will refund your money with no questions asked. We purchased their Economy shared hosting plan and after a fortnight asked for a refund without giving a reason for cancellation. They processed refunds immediately without asking any question. However refunds are applicable for first order only, for your second order, You will not get a refund even if you request a cancellation.

They also provide a .in or a domain for free with their hosting plans. This would help you to save a little bit on the domain registration if you don’t have a domain already. But please note that they do not provide a .com domain for free.


To conclude, I would say that Milesweb offers excellent service. Their servers perform faster, they do provide Unlimited server resources. They provide top-notch support via Live chat, Phone, and support tickets. They also provide Great uptime and affordable pricing. With my experience, we would suggest them to anyone


  • Great Support
  • Good Performance
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free SSL and domain


  • Money back is applicable to first purchase/invoice only
  • Only .in or domains are free


Milesweb rating
  • Speed and Performance
  • Price
  • Support
  • Uptime and Reliability
  • Features


Milesweb is a new and rapidly growing company. Although newbies they are growing fast due to the quality of their services and Support. Many Indian and global users are switching from other famous web hosts for the same reason. I would recommend anyone to give them a try. They are offering a free domain for life and excellent support. With a high customer rating and customer satisfaction, Milesweb is an excellent web hosting provider which should be on your list of web hosts considered.

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