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VPS hosting is now a day getting popular especially among medium business owners and bloggers who enjoy a good growth. When you think about VPS when you know it is time to upgrade to a VPS from shared hosting, Knownhost will be the first name which is well known among the VPS and dedicated web hosts. Read our detailed KnownHost review to find what makes them superior to others and also to grab a KnownHost coupon code


KnownHost provides various services such as managed VPS, managed SSD VPS and managed dedicated servers.dedicated servers. In a bloggers perspective, It is always good to go for managed servers unless you are a techie who is experienced with Linux who knows what you are doing. This Is the reason why I suggest bloggers go for managed hosting so that you don’t need to meddle with Linux commands as managed servers come with WHM and cPanel installed already.




KnownHost VPS plans start at $25 per month. This is pretty affordable for newbies. The starting plan called VPS-1 This plan assures 1280MB guaranteed RAM and shared a 16+ core CPU equally. This plan also provides 30GB RAID-10 disk space and 3000GB premium bandwidth. The most expensive plan called as VPS-7 also equally shares 16+ cores of CPU equally and guarantees 8.35GB of RAM. Along with 190GB RAID-10  disk space along with 17000GB premium bandwidth. Thes VPS plans are affordable thus if you are someone who prefers affordable hosting choose one of these plans



They also offer SSD VPS hosting which is highly recommended as websites hosted on SSD drives responds and loads faster than traditional Hard drives thus you can expect your website load and respond faster. SSD VPS is expensive when compared with traditional VPS but it is worth paying for the performance they offer.

Speed and Performance

Speed and performance are where KnownHost outperforms other web hosts. They offer great performance and speed. Currently, google and other websites use website load speed and response speed as a measure to rank websites. Thus, your server should be fast enough to load your website faster. Every millisecond is valuable in SEO. KnownHost makes a fantastic web host which offers great performance and latency


When it comes to uptime, they have proven record of 99.996% uptime. They also offer a 99.9% Service Level Agreement


As I always say, support is one of very important fact you needs to consider while choosing a web hosting company. Your relationship with your web host is a long lasting one and promote support is crucial. Your website should be available any time of the day and should have the knowledge to fix issues as soon as possible

KnownHost excels here, they have their support available all of the time and they all are experienced professionals. Our experience with KnownHost is excellent so far. They also migrated two of our servers with great expertise and minimal downtime

Money Back

They offer 30 days money back. You can make use of this opportunity to test their services and if you are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase


We will surely recommend KnownHost for everyone who wants great VPS or Dedicated servers. We are pleased with the quality of their services and support. Their great uptime makes them a more favorable web host. Although their pricing seems to be bit expensive than competition, it is worth paying for it

What we loved about KnowHost
  • Speed and Performance
  • Support
  • Quality of hardware
  • Uptime
  • Equal share of Server resources
  • Redundancy
What we disliked about KnownHost
  • Nothing so far!

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