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Finding an affordable, yet good web host can be tricky. In fact, there are only a few of such. Interserver is a web host that offers great services at an affordable price. They have secured their own space in the hosting industry and getting much fame. That is why we decided to review them in detail. Read our Interserver review to find out how good is Interserver, what’s good about them, and what’s bad about them if any.

To test their server. We purchased a shared hosting plan from Interserver. You can get your hosting at just $0.01/month for the first month and get 10% off on annual plans if you follow this link. You can also avail of the same offer from them if you use our exclusive coupon code “INFOLYTE”. We hosted one of our domains( on their shared hosting to test their server to make the review.

Before going detailed about the review, Let’s check their plans and pricing.

Services and pricing

Interserver offers almost all web hosting services such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Shared hosting

They have a shared hosting plan which costs around $5 a month. They offer 10% off on shared hosting if you pay annually. And they also offer the first month for almost free($0.01) Which is a great way to test the services offered.

Interserver offers unlimited storage along with unlimited bandwidth. Actually, they offer unlimited databases and emails too. Although their services are unlimited, there are a few things which we don’t like about them.

They have only 20 entry processes available which is pretty low when compared with others. Also, memory is 1GB which too is a bit low when compared with the competition. That said it is not really bad unless you have so many websites to host that get much traffic.

Boost web hosting

Interserver has now launched a boost web hosting plan that offers more resources and more power to demanding customers. There are more server resources available for users and these servers only use 50% capacity of the server. This means more power and resources are readily available to each and every customer whenever needed.

Interserver boost plans

ResourcesStandard Boost 2 Boost 4
Entry Process306090


Reseller hosting

If you are looking for a good reseller hosting solution, You might consider Interserver reseller hosting plans. Their plans include free client management, free setup, instant setup, etc.

With their reseller plans, easy management of reseller hosting, and they also keep backups of your customer’s data. They also provide additional paid services like Unique IP addresses and private DNS servers which costs $3/Month each.


Interserver Cloud VPS Hosting

They provide super fast cloud VPS servers. Linux Cloud VPS pricing starts from $6/Month and windows cloud VPS starts from S10/Month.

One big advantage of Their cloud VPS is that they offer their own custom control panel so that you do not need to spend extra money for an additional control panel like Cpanel or DirectAdmin. However, they offer both Control panels if you pay extra.

Their VPS is unmanaged, they do not offer any support for you except OS and security patches. However, if you have more than 4 slices, they will do the server management for you. You can also choose an OS of choice from the available OS options.

If you are looking for an unmanaged and low-cost VPS server, you can go for Interserver without any worries. If you need server management, you should probably upgrade your plan. But in our experience, it is pretty easy to use VPS.

Interserver Dedicated Hosting

Interserver offers dedicated hosting for the big players. They offer various dedicated server plans at an affordable price. Along with their dedicated plans, they provide freebies for each dedicated plan. You can get free server management, 5IPs free with each plan, free data migration, and much more along with their plans.

Speed and performance

Speed and performance are where Interserver excels. And that’s a prime reason why you should choose Interserver. We tested their servers and the result was fantastic. We purchased their web hosting plan and ran tests through the Sucuri load time tester.

The speed of the website hosted on Interserver.

From the image, it is apparent that Interserver’s speed and performance is incredible. The website loads fast from all over the world and It got an A grade in terms of speed.

Interserver performance is also spectacular. During our testing period of a month, we never a downtime. We were really impressed by their speed and performance and support and we eventually moved Infolyte to Interserver.


Support is a factor people consider before buying a hosting package and you should consider support too. We contacted Interserver with some issues and they fixed issues promptly.

Along with that, they have a big knowledge base that contains the most common issues and solutions for that. Along with that, they offer 24/7 phone support, live chat support, and support via tickets.

We absolutely love their support. And would recommend them to anyone.

Uptime and reliability

As I mentioned earlier, performance is where Interserver excels. And they never disappoint you in reliability and uptime as well. During our testing period of 1 month, we never faced a server downtime. The website was always up and reachable.

Reliability was also great. The website always responded quickly and loaded fast. If you try them, you can also feel this difference and you will always be confident about your website.

Moneyback and free domain

They do offer 30 days’ money back. Although, It has no significance as Interserver offers the first month of hosting as low as $0.01. They do not offer a free domain but they offer a $1.99 domain registration. The discounted price is available for the first year only, the domain will be renewed at the original price from next year onwards.

You can make use of Interserver’s free trial to test their services before making your decision.

Our Verdict

In one word – Excellent. We are impressed by the speed they provide. We also love their great performance. When it comes to supporting, they excel there also by providing 24/7 support and great support agents.

Below are a few things we liked about them.

Price lock: They have a price lock option. This means future price increments will not affect you. The services you purchased will be renewed at the same price.

Great speed: Yes, we love their speed. During our testing period, we achieved get great website loading time. Our confession – We tested them to make this review but we moved all our websites to Interserver eventually. In 2018, Speed, especially mobile website speed is a ranking factor, a Faster website means better SERP.

Good support: Their support is great. We contacted them with a few questions. And all of them were promptly resolved. That includes questions about the security they offer.

Great uptime and reliability: Great uptime and reliability are their other specialty. During our testing period, uptime was 100% and it rocks. Reliability is also great.

Good support: They do provide great 24/7/365 support via phone, live chat, and support ticket system. We also found that the wait time is very low and you get an instant response to your queries.

Good security: One of our biggest concerns was security. We contacted them and asked about the security they provide. They said that they partner with leading security experts and their servers are secured. They also have an added layer of protection called Intershield which scans and removes malware if your website is infected.

50% server capacity: We love this feature. Most shared web hosts oversell their servers and crowd their servers. This causes performance issues. But Interserver does not do this and they only use 50% of their server capacity.

Monthly payment: Monthly payment options are available with Interserver. If you wish to pay monthly, you can confidently go with Interserver. If you choose to pay yearly, you can avail of a 10% discount and for 2 years payment, You can avail of a 20% discount.

Guaranteed email delivery: They offer a guaranteed email delivery. This means all the emails sent to you will be delivered to your inbox – guaranteed.

Free Migration: They do offer a free website migration service. Website migration is a paid service with some hosting providers. Interserver also offers a free upgrade to your website if you want to upgrade to VPS or dedicated. They can do it without any downtime.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

What do we dislike about them?

Well, their feature list is high, but we do have cons to list out. Although, these things aren’t applicable to most customers. We found that they provide only 20 entry processes with each plan. They now provide 2GB of RAM with their standard web hosting plan. And available RAM is only 1 GB. They now provides 2GB of RAM with their standard web hosting plan. 

Most web hosting providers provide at least 30 Entry processes. Fastcomet, one fastest growing web hosting providers offers much more server resources even with their cheapest plan.

For most users, this won’t be an issue but people with many websites may face some issues such as the website displaying an internal server error if you have a traffic spike. Those who need more resources should consider upgrading to their Boost shared hosting plan which is a little more expensive.

They do offer multiple data center options within the USA. But they do not have data center options outside the USA. So, users from Europe and Asia may need to consider using a CDN.

They have only one plan and you can get everything unlimited. While this might look attractive for most users, those people who have only one domain and are looking to host only one website may feel they are overpaying. This argument appears a bit subjective though as someone who hosts only one domain may use more server resources especially if they get more traffic.


Our conclusion is that Interserver is awesome. They have incredibly fast servers and they offer solid performance. Support is good, security is also great.

Our experience is great with them and we would confidently recommend them to anyone as they are one of the few shared web hosting providers out there. Chances of finding web hosts like Interserver offering first-class services at an affordable price are pretty rare thus you should consider Interserver.



Interserver Rating
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  • Support
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  • Features

Interserver Summary

Interserver is a great web hosting company. Their shared hosting plans along with VPS and dedicated plans are known for the speed they offer. Along with great speed, they offer excellent customer support and security and great pricing. It is pretty hard to find a website which offers all the great things at this price. Our recommendation is to go and buy a plan from them and use them confidently because they are simply great.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS


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