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You may need to transfer your domain for various reasons which include finding a better domain registrar or selling your domain. Transferring a domain is easy. If you never did a transfer before you might be having many doubts or confused what the process is. Here, we have a simple tutorial which tells you how to transfer a domain name.

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Domain transfer typically involves few steps they are listed below

  1. Remove privacy protection
  2. Disable domain lock
  3. Prepare your EPP Key or Auth Key
  4. Request a domain transfer
  5. Approve transfer request emails

 Remove privacy protection

If you have enabled privacy protection for your domain, you should disable that and your registration information private. You also need to make sure that the email address linked to the domain is updated and accessible because you gonna get emails on his email address when transfer begins.

Disable domain lock

Your registrar might have enabled domain lock which prevents unauthorized domain transfer or a domain theft/hijack. You should disable domain lock in order to be able to transfer your domain.

Prepare your EPP code or auth key

To transfer your domain, You need to get your EPP key. Some registrars call in “Auth Key” it is the same. You can find your EPP key from your current domain registrar by logging into your account. You need to share this code with your new registrar

Request a domain transfer

You need to contact your new domain registrar for this. The transfer process typically needs purchase for a year. Most registrars will give you an offer for domain transfer. After payment, you will be asked to share your EPP code with the new registrar

Approve transfer request

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When the new registrar begins the transfer process, You will receive an email on the email address in a record. This is why it is important to have the registrant email updated and accessible. You have to approve domain transfer and the process will begin. Once completed, Your registrar will intimate you about the same

Transfering domain from One account to another with the same registrar

If you are selling a domain and both registrant and buyer are using the same registrar, the process is much easier and straightforward. You can do it from your customer dashboard with few clicks. For more information to know about this, contact your registrant


These are the process involved in transferring a domain name from one registrar to another. W hope that this article is helpful. If you have a feedback or suggestion or if you think that the article needs an edit, feel free to contact us

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