How to install a WordPress theme

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how to install a wordpress theme

WordPress is a famous CMS and due to this fame, more and more people are choosing WordPress for their project. As a result, you can get everything such as hosting, themes, plugins specially made for WordPress. If you have a new WordPress user, you may have no idea how to install WordPress themes. This tutorial explains how to install a WordPress theme

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There are mainly three ways to install a WordPress theme on your new WordPress blog or website. Assuming you already purchased a WordPress theme, we will explain you all three ways here. If you haven’t purchased a theme, You can buy one from Themeforest

Method 1

To install a theme, login to your WordPress blog. From the left navigation menu, navigate to Appearance and then click “Themes” as seen in image below


Here you will see a list of themes already installed on your site and currently active theme. From here, click add new


Click on upload theme and choose theme file in zip format from your computer and click install now.


Wait until the file is uploaded. When uploaded successfully, click on activate theme and done! Your new WordPress theme is installed

Method 2

This method is also almost same. Navigate to Themes section from navigation panel like we described in method 1


From here, Click add new And you will be taken to the WordPress theme library.


In the WordPress theme library, you can see thousands of free themes available totally free. Choose a theme from popular section or featured section. If you already found your theme, simply search for that and it will show matching options.

Hover your cursor over search results and click install. That’s it, you have installed a theme. Click Activate to activate the theme

Method 3

The third method is uploading your theme via FTP. For this, you need an FTP client. You can download Filezilla for free from here for both Windows, Linux and Mac

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Download and extract your theme file and connect to your website via FTP using FileZilla. When you are connected, In the remote site section,  Navigate to wp-content -> Themes. In the local site area, navigate to the local disk where your theme is downloaded as extracted as seen in the image below, in my case, Its download folder and I extracted it in the same folder.


Right Click on the theme folder in ‘local site’ directory and click upload and files will be transferred to the ‘remote site’. When the transfer is completed Navigate to your blog and go to themes section and you can activate your new theme from there.


These are the three methods used to upload a WordPress theme. You can use same methods to use install a WordPress plugin as well. Instead of uploading it to the themes folder, A plugin should be uploaded to the plugins folder. I hope this tutorial helped you and do let me know in the comment section below.

Suggestions and opinions are always appreciated.

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