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You know how important is SEO and I am sure you might know how to to do SEO yourself or you might have an idea about it. There are two types of SEO practices, On page SEO and Off page SEO. On page SEO involves Adding meta title, Adding meta description, Submitting XML sitemap, improving existing content etc

Off-site SEO mainly involves building backlinks and authority. You know how important it is to get backlinks and how they can boost your SEO

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In some cases, if you are doing everything right and you see no improvement in ranking, a toxic backlink can be the villain here. Here in this article, we will teach you how to find and remove toxic backlinks.

When you have a good link building campaign or if you are naturally getting backlinks, its cool, But what if you are getting backlinks from spammy websites? Well that can actually damage your SEO efforts

Not only spammy websites are toxic, There are some other types of toxic backlinks

Websites hosting malware/Spywares: If you are getting backlinks from a website which contains malware or spyware, it is a toxic backlink

Websites with too many links: There is some website which is made only to provide backlinks or contains unusually higher amounts of backlinks. If your website gets a backlink from such a website, it can be toxic

Irrelevant website: Backlinks from an irrelevant website can be dangerous. If your website is about computers and you get a backlink from a website which deals about pets, it can be toxic

Poorly developed/Unranked websites: Those backlinks from poorly developed or unranked websites can be toxic sometimes

Google (And all other search engines ) are trying hard to control spam and if you are getting backlinks from a spammy( or any other kind of toxic) website, it will affect your SEO too. So it is mandatory to identify and remove toxic backlinks to your domain

How to find Toxic backlinks

Finding toxic backlinks can be tricky, fortunately, we have tools available do this. Firstly, you have to find all the backlinks pointing to your website. For that, you can use any backlink checker tools.

We use Semrush for the purpose and we recommend you to use the same. You can avail a 14days free trial by following our link. Don’t worry, you can use Semrush for free.

Add your website to Semrush and let semrush gather information. Once completed, navigate to the backlink audit section and there semrush will show you all the toxic backlinks to your website (or blog)

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Now you have a list of all toxic backlinks pointing to your website and next step is to remove them.

Removing toxic backlinks

Removing toxic backlinks is easy. You can do it in two ways

Ask the webmaster

Contact webmaster or admin of the website and ask them to remove the backlink. This is easiest and effective way and it will work often. But it doesn’t work always and we can use the second method

Disavow backlinks

If the first method fails, you can use disavow the toxic backlinks. To do this, you need to use the disavow tool available in google webmaster tools. You can find more about it here


Toxic backlinks can be disastrous and it can damage your SEO. But with the help of the tools available, we can find and remove them easily

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