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You made a blog and work hard on creating awesome content that might boost your SEO and earn a good amount of money.

You’re in the right track and steadily growing your website and suddenly you noticed that your website has been copied.

Spammers can sometimes steal a part of your website such as few articles and or they in the worse case, copy your whole website and clone it.

Now what to do to when your content is copied? Well, we will divide this into two parts.

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1.Prevent copying

2. How to identify if someone copied your content.

3.What to do when content is copied

How to identify if someone copied your content

Identifying if someone copied your content is a tricky part. Content thieves work silently and will copy your work and paste it on their website but you will never know about that until someone tells you or you accidentally find it(Which is less likely to happen).

1. Use Plagiarism Checker.

Using some programs like Copyscape can be useful to find copied content. If someone copies your content, these services could find it and notify you that.

3. Interlinking your posts

If you interlink your posts, you will receive a pingback notification if someone copies your content and pastes it on their website. This will help you to identify if someone copies your content. Most of them use automated tools like a content scrapper so there is a good chance that you will be notified as soon as a content theft occurs.

How to prevent content copying

Prevention is better than worrying and easier than dealing with the daunting things when someone copied your content.

1. Disable right click

Disabling right click can be useful to prevent content copying. This will stop many spammers from copying your content. If you use WordPress, use free plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository to disable right click. These plugins could prevent right click and also highlight and copying/cutting of content. The plugin can also prevent thieves from taking screenshots.

2. Use DMCA protect

Using DMCA protect can be useful to prevent content copying and it can also be useful for a takedown. Although takedown costs $199, it can be worth the money depends on the severity of the incident.

3. Have a good copyright policy

Having a good copyright policy is good to prevent content copying as it will be easy for you to claim a lawsuit and will increase your odds of winning it.

4. Hide RSS feed

This can turn out to be good and bad, especially if you have a consider number of readers who subscribed to your feeds. But this is really effective to prevent content scrapping though scrapping plugins.

Content thieves use plugins that can copy everything from your website including your images. Disabling RSS or any other feed can prevent them from scrapping your content.

What to do after a theft

A. Contact the person who copied your content.

After a theft, it is always good to contact the webmaster who copied your content.

You can contact them via the contact form or email address provided on the website.

But spammers often don’t provide their contact information on their website. So this means finding or contacting them is a tricky task.

However, you can try to find them using a whois search. You can probably find an option to contact them even if the who is guard is active.

Now, upon finding them, send them a nice email asking them to remove your content. In your email, include links which contain links to the article which is stolen. And also explain to them how much time and effort you spent on making an awesome article.

Be careful to be nice and try to don’t offend them. These guys really have a low level of self-esteem so you might trigger them very easily, be nice and polite even when you’re not the offender.

B. Contact web hosting provider of the offender.

Contacting web hosting provider and domain registrar of the offender is the next part. You should explain to them the situation with proofs. Include screenshots, Links, You can also use the Wayback machine to get some proofs.

To find the web host of the offender, use any tools like Whoishostingthissite. They will show you the web host who hosts the offender’s website and you can contact the abuse department to explain the situation.

The web host may check the information provided and do the necessary action.

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C. FIle a DMCA lawsuit.

If nothing works, it is always good to file a DMCA lawsuit via a lawyer and it is also good to ask Google to remove duplicate content from their database so that it will not appear on search results.

Filing a DMCA suite is time-consuming and expensive but you can get compensation from the offender.

D. Trouble the thief.

There is a good chance that the thief must be using some kind of advertisement to monetize their websites such as affiliate links or contextual advertisement. You can contact their advertisers and explain to them that their ads are being served with stolen content. Most advertisers will take it seriously and stop doing business with them.

This is not the only option, you can be creative and try so many other things.


If something like a content theft occurs, your first step to do is to stop panicking. Try all the options recommended in this article. Meantime, be aware that Google and other search engines are really smart and they can identify the copied content easily and penalize the one who stole content.

There is a good chance that the thief’s content will not rank for the specified keyword. This works even if someone uses an article spinner to slightly modify your content. Focus on making some good content instead of wasting time with the spammers.

If you have any more ideas and tips or some other recommendations to share feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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