How to create a website

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So you want to make a website and have no idea how to do ?. You came to the right place. You might need to make a website due to various reasons. For your company, a personal blog, or a niche site or an authority site where you want to make cash, of course, there might be many other reasons. So let us get into the business how to create a website

Well, those old times coding all your website- the concept is gone. Nowadays you don’t need to mess up with codes and other things. Most of the web developers and individuals use CMS aka Content Management system. So what is content management system? They are nothing more than a software package which we can download for free(There are paid options too) and start using right away. One of the biggest advantages of CMS is its endless possibilities of customization. If you know coding, you can edit it as you like. If you are the novice, you can extend it with the help of extensions and plugins as you wish. Either way, they are convenient and perfect for anyone.

Another option for you to use the drag and drop website builders such as Wi, Yola, Weebly. But personally, I recommend you to use a CMS since you own your website fully and it gives much more convenience and flexibility. And one big advantage is, if you want to move to a new web host, a CMS website can be moved easily than a drag and drop website builder.

Famous CMS software

Most famous CMS is WordPress around 27.2% websites on the internet uses WordPress and many say that it is one of the most user-friendly CMS. Next on the list would be Joomla. Joomla is next widely used CMS software after WordPress You can also consider other famous CMS software such as ModX and Drupal. The list is really long and you need to do your research to find them all but I would say that you don’t need to go for anything else other than these CMS I listed here

Get a domain name

Well yes, that is right, You decided to use either a CMS or a drag and drop website builder. Either way, you need  a domain name and this is an important option for changing your website domain is not recommended and even if you decided to do so, it is a messy task so you should be smart and discreet while choosing a domain, well this is something you are going to use for longer time so investing time on research is worth it. Plan ahead and buy a domain name. You can purchase a domain name from various domain registrars such as and

Get hosting

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may be the most important step. Yor website’s performance and availability depend on the quality of web hosting you choose thus, compromising on web hosting would be a bad idea for your website especially if you make a website which relies on search engine users. Website response time and load time could reduce your website ranking in search engines. For a new website, it is better to start with a shared web hosting which is an affordable form of web hosting as your website grows, you can move your website to a VPS or a dedicated web server. Again Webhosting is one of the most important things while deploying a website and this is a good business too. Many reviewers and even pros endorse some web hosts due to the bigger affiliate commission they offer. Also, don’t be tempted about the unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it is just a marketing gimmick, there is nothing unlimited in web hosting

 Final step

The final step is to publish your website. As I mentioned earlier, it is better to use a  CMS to make your website. While WordPress is being the widely used CMS. Choosing WordPress gives you few other advantages too. It is simple to use, and search engines index WordPress websites faster. Also, you have a wide range of plugins and themes available to choose. There are both free and paid themes and plugins. If you think you can not do it yourself, you can hire a developer to do it for you. There are other options too,  other CMS such as   Joomla! And Drupal is still a better option. One more way is to use the drag and drop website builder provided by your web hosting provider. Or you can even use any website builder software to publish your website.


These are the steps included in making a website. As always you can do as your budget allows. If you have enough money to spend, you can consider purchasing a VPS server instead of a shared hosting. This gives you more power and performance

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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