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Themes are probably the most important part of a website of a blog if you decided to go with a CMS or to be more precise, WordPress. It gives the look and feels to your website and you must choose a theme which suits your website.

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If you are running a blog or a personal website, you will be good with a blogging theme, perhaps, the default themes provided with WordPress will do the work for most people.

If you have more complex websites like an online magazine or a woocommerce web store, you must be using a much more premium theme which is purchased from a theme developer.

There are so many theme developers out there few famous ones are Theme forest, WPZoom, Theme junkie etc.

Happy themes are one of such theme developers which is a relatively new player in the industry which offers some great themes and their pricing is pretty affordable. It looks like their business model is to provide some good WordPress themes at an affordable price. Read our happy themes review to know more about them.


They do have some fantastic features available one most important thing is that they have the lowest price. Their themes available at ann affordable price and anyone can actually own a theme from them.

Ease of use is another feature which is worth mentioning. Their themes are easy to install and easy to use.

They have Listed some other Features on their website which includes on-demand features, they claim that their team is around for a while and they care about your requirements.

They also state that they put more effort into pushing theme updates regularly.

Look and feel

Their themes look beautiful and they have some awesome designs available. They have all kinds of themes such as magazine, business, blog and coupon, portfolio themes.

We actually like their designs and minimalistic nature.


One thing, awesome. Their themes load fast. We tested that thoroughly as speed is a very important ranking signal in 2019.

The website loads really fast. Which means the theme is actually Light and optimized.

Security and code quality

Their code quality and security seem nice as they know what they are doing. We inspected their code and it was clean. Though encountered some small bugs they were quick to respond to the queries.


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Support as is not bad. We contacted them with some billing issues and they were pretty fast to respond and resolved it effectively.

For technical queries, they do recommend their clients to make use of their forum. We checked out their themes and found that they are pretty active there and provides great resolution to user queries and issues.
No hiccups there, their support service is not bad.

You may not get quick support like live chat support but considering the price you are paying, there is no space for complaints.

Control panel

This is where some users may not going to like them. Unlike most of the other theme developers, themes purchased from happy themes do not have a control panel.

They do use the WordPress customizer and it is highly effective. You can actually do anything from the WordPress customizer and happy themes include every time in there
This makes things simple and minimalistic and of all, easier to use.

I would say that this thing is subjective as I like this approach, while my colleague dislikes it.

PricingPricing is where happy themes beat others. Their all theme pack which is valid for 1 year only costs $49. And if you wish to buy their lifetime access plan, it costs you around only $99.

Don’t forget those premium theme makers such as theme forest and my theme shop charges much more and it costs around $40-50/theme on an average.

And if you want to use their theme on another website, you need to buy more license.

Happy themes can be used on an unlimited number of domains and with their yearly packs you can use all of their themes for 1 year without any restrictions.

If you purchase their lifetime package, you can use all existing themes along with future themes for lifetime.

I think they got the pricing right to attract some potential customers.

That said, if you’re a blogger you probably needs a single theme only. But their packages will be great for developers and agencies.


 To conclude, I would say that happy themes are good. They have fantastic pricing which is good for both those bloggers on a budget and also good for agencies.

They also have a good support system which actually Listens to user queries and feedback.

The only downside I found is the small bugs here and there but they are fast to fix them once you report it to them.

I would certainly recommend happy themes to anyone who is looking for some Beautiful themes without breaking their bank account.

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