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Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting providers which offers a plethora of services. They provide shared web hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress hosting and Dedicated servers. Read our Dreamhost review to know more about them and their services and to know if they are worth considering.

Introduction to Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider who offers various types of web hosting services such as shared, VPS and Managed WordPress. If you are someone who is looking for shared hosting, their shared hosting can be pretty good as a beginner and they are also officially recommended by WordPress.

If you are having a blog or website which enjoys more traffic, you must consider their managed WordPress or VPS which is pretty cheap considering the competition.

Now, let us take a look at their hosting service plans and pricing

Shared Hosting

Dreamhost shared hosting plans. Price shown is for 3 years of purchase.

Dreamhost offers two shared hosting plans. The first one is suitable for a single website hosting but the second one can host an unlimited number of websites. Both plans come with WordPress pre-installed and free SSL certificates.

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But the cheaper plan needs the additional payment for email. But the bigger plan got you covered. It offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and you can also host an unlimited number of domains.

Shared Hosting features

SSD Drives: Their shared hosting is powered by SSD drives which offer faster page loading time. SSD drives provides 10x more loading speed than traditional SATA hard drives.

Free domain: They offer a free domain with their shared hosting plans.

Free privacy protection: They offer free privacy protection with the domains they offer.

One-click WordPress installation: As mentioned earlier, they are one of few web hosts which is recommended by WordPress. Dreamhost also offers a one-click WordPress installation.

Free SSL: SSL is becoming a standard and dream host offers free SSL certificates to their customers so that you don’t need to spend extra money for an SSL.

Daily backup: Dreamhost shared web hosting offers daily backups so that your data will be safe if anything unfortunate happens.

Managed WordPress hosting

They have a managed WordPress hosting service which is good for those websites that are much popular. Managed WordPress hosting means you need not spend time on managing the server or the software so that you can focus on creating great content or on your sales if you have a product to sell. Here is an article which tells you why you need a managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting features

Dreamhost managed WordPress hosting come with many features such as

Free backups: They offer you free backups so that you can relax knowing your data will be safe if something breaks.

Server-side caching: They offer free server-side caching so that your website or blog will load faster.

One-click staging: They offer one-click staging which means you can test anything on a staging website without breaking your production site.

Free jetpack premium: Their plus and pro plans offer jetpack premium for free so that you don’t need to spend money on that.

And another thing worth mentioning is the support they offer. It looks like they employed some experienced WordPress staff and they are quick to respond and to resolve your issues with the WordPress hosting.

One problem we found is that their managed WordPress hosting offers to host for a single domain only, which means, you can not host more than one website with either of the plans.

In this case, you can consider their VPS hosting plans which is really cheap and would allow you to host multiple websites without any issues.

VPS Hosting

They have one of the cheapest VPS plans in the industry. As I mentioned earlier, they have the cheapest managed VPS plans available with plans starting as low as $10/month if you purchase for 3 years upfront. Of course, they have other plans too which offers more resources if you need more. Their plans are absolutely brilliant and affordable.

If you are someone who has more than one website or blog, you should probably use VPS instead of the managed WordPress hosting plans. Managed hosting makes everything easier, but don’t need to worry, Dreamhost VPS panel is easy too, which will help you to get started.

Dreamhost VPS plans

VPS features

Fully managed: Their servers are fully managed which means they take care of everything. So that you can relax.

100% Uptime: They provide a 100% uptime which means even server upgrades won’t cause any website downtime.

Dreamhost control panel: They have the dream host control panel available. Which makes managing your website and installing scripts will be easier.

Your choice of software: They provide you with the freedom to choose either Apache or Nginx. So you can choose the one which suits well for your needs.

Speed and Performance

When compared with the competition, Dreamhost offers great performance. Their shared hosting providers great value for the money you are paying and I would say that the shared hosting offers fast page load time.

If you are looking for even faster page load time, your best choice would be the managed WordPress hosting or the VPS. As we mentioned earlier, managed WP hosting offers to host for only one domain. If you have multiple websites, you can go with their VPS plans.

We used their VPS servers for a month and found that the servers are really quick and always performs well. They offer great consistency when it comes to VPS hosting. They have their own Cpanel which makes it easier for you to manage your websites.

Along with that, they offer unlimited bandwidth and traffic with their VPS plans. They also promise 100% uptime with their VPS and other plans. Which is fantastic.

Security and backup

Security is a serious concern when it comes to web hosting. Dreamhost shared web hosting offers exceptional security as they keep software updated and the latest security patches are installed.

They also provide a backup option with their hosting services for the safety of your data and they also provide SSL for free with their services which adds another layer of security to your website.


Their support is good. They always were fast and accurate to provide support and problems were resolved really fast and effectively. It looks like they employed some experts in their support department which work really well.

Ease of use

They have developed their own control panel. Which means they do not provide any popular control panels like Cpanel or Plesk. Their control panel is really easy to use and you can manage all your products from there.

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Be it deploying a new server or managing your domains or managing shared hosting, Their control panel is very easy to use and provides a great experience to the users.

Moneyback and free domain

They have a 97 days money backup on shared hosting which is great. But they do not provide any money back on their dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and Managed WordPress hosting.


To conclude, I would say that they are a good shared hosting provider for those who are starting out. And their shared hosting provides great value for the price you are paying.  Their Managed WordPress hosting plan, also called as Dreampress offers great value and comes with many features. Their VPS is also one of the cheapest in the industry.

I would recommend Dreamhost to anyone who is looking for a good shared web hosting provider. But if you need Cpanel, you will need to look elsewhere.

Their VPS is also one of the cheapest in the industry and you can avail a better price if you pay upfront for 2 or 3 years.

If you have only one domain, Dreamhost WordPress hosting is suitable for you and it comes with much features and free Jetpack.

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We would certainly recommend Dreamhost. They have affordable pricing, fantastic support, and a great list of features. They are especially good for those who need Shared hosting and VPS within a budget.

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