Create your blog/Website in 30 minutes

Yes, you heard it right. You can now publish your website or blog in 30 minutes and here are we are going to teach you how to publish your website or blog in 30 minutes

Step 1 register a domain name 

First step is to register a domain name. This is very first and an important step. Most probably the domain name you are looking for is already taken and you will be forced to change different combination of words to get your desired domain.  For example, imagine you are going to start a recipe blog or website and the website is obviously take and is not available to use and you have to change it to something else like or until you get a domain name which is not registered yet. It is better to use a .com domain rather than a .net and a .org domain as .com domain is best for commercial use and widely used domain extensions. .net is usually used by service providers and .org is usually used by organizations. So do your research and find the perfect domain name for your website or blog. This is very important to choose the most suitable name as we can not change or alter domain names once registered. For registering domains, we suggest Go Daddy or name cheap

Step 2: Find your web host 

This is probably the most important step while publishing a website or blog. If you simply do a search for web hosts you will get thousands of results. If you read reviews online, you will get both positive and negative reviews as well. So how to choose the best web hosting for your blog ? This is a hard question to answer as there are many factors to consider. While choosing a web hosting, we have to think about three main factors

  1. Performance
  2. Support
  3. Value

These are the three main factors we need to consider. There hundreds of web hosts out there and finding one who meets all three of these qualities is a hard job to do. But before jumping into a conclusion, let me explain why these things are important.

Performance is a crucial factor. Your website should respond and load faster. Nobody likes slow websites and people do not have patience to wait for slower websites they will simple leave your website and go for next one. Also, search engines now use website speed as a factor to decide your websites search engine ranking. Additionally, other factors like server up-time and resource allocation are important too. So, you needs fast servers with better up-time and resource allocation.

Support is another important factor . Problems can arise  anytime and your web host needs to fix the issues as soon as possible. You should look for a web host which provides 24*7 support through phone, live chat and ticket system. Imagine you encountered a problem in the middle of the night and your web host is not there to help ! It will be a horrible experience to wait until they are available. With a good web host it will not happen as they have a good support system and their staff could fix problems faster

Value is another thing. With good performing servers and an incredible support system these companies can not compromise on cost. If a company offers great performance and support they will naturally be expensive. So in short , best services can’t always be cheap. If you opt for cheap things, you will have to compromise on other two factors . In short these three are dependent on each other

Another confusion is , which web hosting to choose. Well basically, as many of you knows there are three kinds of web hosting . Shared hosting where a server is shared with many other webmasters or bloggers which makes it cheap and affordable. Next one is VPS where you get your share of server resources available for you always which is more expensive than shared hosting and the ultimate dedicated hosting in which an entire server is used to host your website. Most webmasters and bloggers go with shared hosting and then move to a VPS when their website grow bigger and this is widely used and cost effective way. There’s nothing wrong is starting with a VPS and if you have money to spend, we will definitely recommend you to go with a VPS as it has its own benefits. We have an article which explains about shared hosting . As we are going to use WordPress to make a website or blog, You should consider WordPress hosting as well. Using WordPress specific hosting has great advantages especially in performance

Here is our article which describes why you should consider WordPress hosting over other types of hosting.

Whichever hosting you choose, you should be discreet and smart as moving from one web host to another is not an easy process. (Some web hosts offer free website migration but you may face some downtime during this migration.)

Best web hosts 

So it’s clear that there are many factors which needs to be considered before purchasing a web hosting. And researching to find the perfect web host can be a cumbersome task. But don’t worry we have done the research for you and found  the perfect web hosts for

These are our recommend hosting provider 

A2hosting: They are expensive but they are great too. Currently they provide the fastest web hosting. Their shared web hosting is bit more expensive than the others but its worth purchasing when performance and support considered

Siteground: another great web host which provides great permanence and support. If you think A2 hosting is expensive, site ground is for you.

Inmotionhosting: Inmotionhosting is also a pioneer in web hosting which offers great support and performance. They provide discounts for initial purchase but it renews at regular priceBluehost: Bluehost is the WordPress recommended hosting provider. They are known to provide better performance and great support at an affordable price.

Hostgator: Hostgator is the monster among web hosts. They provide unlimited resources along with great price and excellent support. In fact both bluehost and hostgator are owned by same company and provides great support and performance

These are the recommended web hosts by us. But the list is not over. If you want to know about few more web hosts, check our list of Top 10 shared web hosts and also check Top 10 VPS hosting you should also check our list of Top WordPress  hosting providers.

Finally,  If you use our links to purchase, we will get a small affiliate commission. You will not be charged anything extra. It is a great way to support us

Building your website 

Now you own a domain and a  web hosting. Next step is to build your website/blog  and publish it. We are going to use WordPress to explain this process as WordPress is most used CMS and best tool to make a blog or a website.  Most web hosts use Cpanel as their control panel Orr other famous control panels like plesk or webzuo. These control panels come with one plus WordPress ( and many other CMS) installation. Choose your domain from the drop down, enter your username and password and there you go. WordPress will be installed on your website within few minutes. Next step you needs to do is to configure it according to your needs by adding themes and plugins. You can get awesome themes  from marketplaces like Themeforest and plugins from codecanyon. You can also Google to find some great free themes you can use on your website or blog. While most plugins you needed are available, you needs to purchase only a few premium themes (that too only if you really need them). Here is our list of plugins you should use on your website 

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