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If you are a blogger or webmaster, finding a good web host can be a hard job, You will try one web host, either you like them or they dislike them and if you don’t like them, you will move on to the next web host and this goes on and on until you find a good web host.

I was there when I started my blogging journey and tested many web hosts for my own blogs and websites and also tested many web hosts to make reviews. While searching for a web host, there are many things to take into consideration such as performance, security, support, etc.

Even when a web host meets all these criteria, still something unexpected can happen I remember a web host who has fast servers and friendly support but limited server resources on a shared hosting plan which throws an internal server error on my blogs as I/O usage hits the limit.


Coolicehost is one web host which offers great performance, Security and friendly support, and generous server resources. We saw many are speaking good about them and decided to test their services.

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To begin with, we purchased a cloud hosting plan from Coolicehost and installed WordPress to test their servers. If you want to jump right into the test results, Jump into the speed and performance part.

Hosting products

Shared Hosting

They have a shared hosting plan that offers excellent value to the customer when the price and features are compared. They have a generous allocation of resources.

You have 8 geo-locations to choose from so that it is easier to find a server that is close to your audience. The servers are running on Nginx and they offer DirectAdmin control panel easy management of your server.


When features are compared, they have their servers running on AMD Ryzen processor and they use Directadmin as their control panel. Even the entry-level plans get 2GB of RAM.

They use NVMe storage which allows faster website loading time and quick response.

Along with these, they offer so many other features such as off-server backups and a web application firewall (WAF) for safety. They also provide antivirus and antimalware scans to keep your website secure.

Their reseller hosting servers are located in a USA datacenter which means you don’t have options to choose from.


When it comes to pricing, they are reasonably priced. Pricing starts from €2.98 and goes all the way up to €14.98 monthly. When the features and quality of service are considered, they priced it reasonably.

Coolicehost shared hosting plans.

Reseller Hosting

If you are someone looking to start your own Webhosting company, you can consider being their reseller. Their reseller hosting plans pack so many features at very affordable pricing. Reseller hosting is also useful if you have so many websites to host and you don’t want to upgrade to a VPS (Cloud hosting in Coolicehost)


Their reseller hosting plan comes with many features. It runs on Nginx and DirectAdmin control panel. It also comes with other features such as DDoS protection and Cloud Linux.


Their Reseller hosting plans starts at €11.98/Month and the most expensive plans are priced at €69.98/Month. Refer to the image below to know more about plans and resource allocation.

Coolicehost Reseller hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting

The company also offers a cloud hosting plan which is still shared hosting but it’s more like a VPS or semi-dedicated. The semi-dedicated plan is much more powerful and offers great power and performance. If your website receives much more traffic and needs to handle a heavy influx of traffic, you can consider this plan.


They provide Litespeed servers with guaranteed resources so server resources will be readily available for your website whenever you need them.

As it is cloud hosting, they have failover IPs that will get activated automatically without any downtime


When pricing is considered, it starts from €4.98 a month, and their most expensive plan costs €34.98 where you get an abundance of assured server resources.

CooliceHost Cloud hosting plans.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

For the most demanding and enterprise customer, they provide dedicated servers. They have a dedicated server plan which is named Standart and which is charged €75.00 a month. If you want more, you can contact them and they will make you a customized plan as per your requirement.

The Dedicated servers are fully managed and DDoS protected so that you don’t need to worry about these things. They also provide a custom control panel for the easy management of your dedicated server. You can also use other control panels such as DirectAdmin.

Coolicehost dedicated hosting plans.

Speed and Performance

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We first tested it on Sucuri and they provided impressive results. We moved Infolyte to their servers before testing their servers. We moved it to their Europe server (Germany) and tested it. As you can see below, the results are impressive and website loads really fast.

Coolicehost speed on Sucuri

We also run our tests through Pingdom to see how they are performing. As usual, we used our WordPress installation to test the services. We have not installed any other plugins, which means cache plugins were also not used. However, we added some images files to the website just to make web pages a little larger. Check Pingdom results below.

Coolicehost Pingdom result

We then installed a cache plugin (Litespeed Cache) and again tested the speed on Pingdom. We found that there is a speed improvement right after installing the cache plugin.

CooliceHost after Installing Litespeed Cache


They have a ticket-based support system available. It is fast and effective. They don’t offer any phone or live chat support which some users might find disappointing. Personally, I am a big fan of ticket-based support systems and Coolicehost support is really fast and effective and there is no room for complaints.


It is indeed hard to find a web host that outshines every department. Coolicehost is a WebHost that outshines every department. They have fast servers and they also have incredible support. They also have great reviews on the web from other users and this shows they are doing good to make their customers happy.

When compared to other web hosts, they have a great server resource allocation than many other web hosts. It is hard to find a web host that ticks all the boxes and Coolicehost is one. If you are looking for a Webhosting, especially in Europe, Coolicehost is worth considering.

If you ask us if we recommend Coolice host, yes definitely, especially their cloud hosting plan. It has great value and is much easier to manage when compared to a VPS hosting plan.

Coolicehost rating, Pros and Cons
  • Speed and Performance
  • Price
  • Support
  • Uptime and reliability
  • Features
  • Ease of use


CooliceHost is a fantastic WebHost that offers shared, cloud, reseller, and dedicated hosting. We tested their servers and they perform exceptionally fast. If you are someone who is looking for web hosting especially in Europe, I would strongly recommend Coolicehost. They have the perfect blend of everything such as Great pricing, support, and security. Along with the generous allocation of servers, resources makes them a perfect WebHost.

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