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    SSL is getting more and more important day by day. Google is already pushing the use of SSL by giving website uses SSL a small boost in ranking which means SSL is a ranking signal. If you are running an e-commerce website or membership website which uses passwords or collect payments, you might have been using an SSL certificate, if not start using as soon as possible. Unlike before, SSL certificates are not that expensive at all. Cheap SSL providers are there all over the internet and we can buy from them at a very affordable price. Check out our list of top SSL providers.

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    It says that by 2020, more than 90% of websites will be using SSL on their website. Thus, this is the right time to start using an SSL certificate. If you just need an SSL for SEO benefits, you can use a free SSL or the cheapest available. Following is our list of cheap SSL providers.

    You might be wondering how these companies can provide SSL certificates at a low price or are they worth? Well, there is nothing to worry about the reason is simple. They purchase in bulk from the SSL providers and resell it at a lower price. There is no catch!


    Namecheap is one of the well-known domain registrars and hosting provider. They also provide SSL certificates at an affordable price. Their comodo positive SSL price starts from $9 and comes with $10k warranty. If you need more warranty or security, you can consider other certificate issuing agency from their website.

    SSLS.COM is also run by Namecheap and they provide SSL certificates even cheaper. They offer cheaper rates for SSL Certificates if you purchase for a longer term. Their Ev certificate price starts at $78.99/year and Ev multi-domain certificates are available as cheap as $157.88/domain. They offer 24/7 support through live chat and ticket system and

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    Letsencrypt is a non-profit movement to make the web more secure. Their SSL certificates are absolutely free. Although free, Letsencrypt certificates expire in 90 days. But no need to worry about that most web hosts now provide an auto SSL installer in their panel which makes the installation process easy and automated. If you have a simple website which will not sell anything or collect any private information from users, Letsencrypt free SSL would suffice.


    SSL2BUY is a popular SSL certificate provider. SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of leading CAs likes AlphaSSL, RapidSSL, COMODO, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign and Symantec.SSL2BUY claims to provide same security certificate at cheapest price than original Certificate Authorities. Their comodo positive SSL price starts from $8.67 and Wildcard SSL certificate price starts from $38.

    All Certificates from SSL2BUY support for up to 256-bit encryption, with more than 99% browser recognition, Great 24*7 online chat support, fast issuance times and not any additional charge for certificate reissues as well you will get free SSL installation support that you will never find with any other SSL providers. To check out all certificates you can visit SSL2BUY


    SafeCyberSSL is a well-established platinum partner company of most trusted CAs know as Symantec & GlobalSign group.It provides a reliable SSL Certificate at an affordable price. All SSL Certificate will have features like 256-bit encryption, 99.9% Browser compatibility, Warranty assurance & 100% Money back guarantee.
    SafeCyberSSL is constantly thriving to provide strong & reliable SSL Certificate of every size of business & enterprise.


    Godaddy is a leading domain registrar and web hosting provider. Along with these, they also sell SSL certificates at an affordable price. They provide SSL certificates of various types such as  Extended Validation SSL certificates, Organizational validation SSL certificates, SAN SSL certificates, Wildcard SSL certificates.

    Godaddy SSL is compatible and supports all major web browsers. And they offer up to USD 1million liability protection. You can also get a security seal on your website.


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