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So, we’ve been using bunny CDN for a while. We heard so many good words about them and decided to give them a try and to make a BunnyCDN review. Our results were great and we decided to continue using BunnyCDN. Read this review to find the reason.

We have an article explaining what is a CDN and why you must have a CDN for your websites or blogs. in short, faster websites or blogs rank better in Google and it will also increase conversion and sales of your products. And as always, people love faster websites!!

So, they do have a 14 days trial offer and we decided to make use of that offer for testing their services.(Confession: We switched to BunnyCDN even after reviewing as we really like BunnyCDN)

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For small businesses and blogs, Keycdn and Max CDN were the better options due to their pricing plans availability not POPs around the world. But now, we’ve Bunny CDN giving them a tough competition.

Let’s jump into the review and see if they are worth the hype.


36PoPs: They do have 36Pops which spreads across 6 continents.


Delivery control: They do allow users to control the delivery of your assets which allows you to decide where and whom to deliver your assets.

Brotli and GZIP delivery: They do support Brotli and GZip over their network. Which allows the compressed transfer of data and significantly reduces page size and reduces loading time and bandwidth as well.

Instant cache purging: They offer instant purging, IF you made some changes and needs a purge, it is instant.

Free SSL: They offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. This comes handy when you want to deliver your assets from your own hostname.

WebP support: If your client’s web browser supports WebP, they can deliver your images in WebP format which will be reduced image size up to 80% and provides faster loading times.

These are a few of their features and there are so many other features which you can find here. 

Speed and performance

One word, brilliant! We love the speed which they have on offer. After instilling, we saw a noticeable change in load speed of our websites.

Our website is located in Canada and we were struggling to get better speed in other parts of the world, but after switching to bunnyCDN, our website load speed increased considerably. Initially, our website load time was around 1.91 seconds and we managed to bring it down 900ms on an average.


Support is also good. We contacted them with some caching issues and they responded to the ticket within minutes. Yes, they offer support via the ticket system and it is really great. I would give 5/5 for their support. Nothing disappointing here.


Price is something where BunnyCDN is unbeatable. They have the lowest pricing available and you can get started as low as $10/Year which makes it good for bloggers and small businesses.

If you are a medium to enterprise business, this might find insignificant to you, but this is something important and extremely useful for the small fish out there.

And for the big fish, they are excellent for you too. They have the lowest price available so you can rely on their robust and reliable network.

Comparison with other CDN providers

Well, comparing with other bloggers is a tricky task as needs vary according to users. Bunny CDN is a small provider which aims to provide better service to the Small to medium companies and it works well for both types of users. I would say that they will work even for the big players. 

Their biggest plus point is their pricing and they offer the lowest pricing in the industry. If you are are a publisher who uses terabytes of data, you can save much money with BunnyCDN.

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And one con I found about them is that their lowest number of PoPs around the world.  Although it can not be considered as a con, I think it is worth mentioning. But the good news is that they have their PoPs plaed strategically around the globe to provide so that your website will load faster and consistently.

It is also a good choice for bloggers who needs some affordable CDN service. 


BunnyCDN is a fantastic CDN provider which offers the lowest price in the market. They have excellent pay as you go plan which is the lowest in the market. This will be useful for small business and bloggers and other budget-conscious webmasters.

They also have an excellent support team which provides fast and effective support, it seems like they hired some experienced staff who knows what they are doing.

Overall, our experience is very good with BunnyCDN and we will certainly recommend them.

They have a 14 days trial offer which will be helpful for you to test their servers before making a purchase.


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About the author: Timothy Ephrem

Founder of infolyte.com. Feel free to contact him with anything. You can reach him at contact@infolyte.com

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