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Bluehost is a popular web host which is famous among bloggers and small companies and enterprises alike. What makes Bluehost so famous among bloggers and other small businesses? It is simply due to the quality of service provided and great pricing. Read our Bluehost review to find more about them.


Bluehost was founded in 2003, which later acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG).  Now they are powering over 2 million websites and they have over 750 staffs in their team. They are of the few web hosts recommended by WordPress and they have a team of dedicated WordPress experts available to help you with WordPress related queries and issues and yes, they have WordPress hosting plans too.

Bluehost is pretty famous among bloggers due to their affordable yet quality shared hosting. For a blogger, they usually need WordPress installed on a shared hosting environment and a domain. And Bluehost provides all these at just $3.95/Month.

But an affordable hosting plan is what makes Bluehost favourite of everyone? Absolutely not, There are so many things to consider and we will discuss all the important parts of this review.

Services and pricing

Bluehost provides all types of hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Let us take a look at each of them.

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Shared Hosting

Probably what Bluehost is famous for. They provide affordable shared hosting for everyone. If you are a blogger or a small business owner, Bluehost shared hosting makes the perfect choice for you.

Their plans start from $3.95/Month. The first plan is called basic Which includes 50GB disk space and hosting for one website. If you need to host more websites, you should choose their higher hosting package known as the plus. If you need more power and extra features, You should consider the ultimate plan called as prime.

For the power users, they have a high-end plan called the Pro plan which offers lot more extra features such as free SSL and dedicated IP address and site back up pro along with domain privacy.

They do offer some features with their shared hosting as their competitors do. You can get dedicated IPs, and Site lock for security and site backup pro to backup your website if you are not satisfied with the backup functionality they offer

They also offer latest Cpanel with their own tweaks. Which means they added some extra functionalities to the original Cpanel.

Bluehost shared web hosting comes with many functionalities and features included. It is best suitable for bloggers and small businesses(If you can not afford a cloud or VPS server). If you are a beginner, you should consider Bluehost as your first web host.

VPS Hosting

For those demanding web hosts, Bluehost offer VPS web hosting as well. For those blogs enjoy huge traffic recently, VPS is the next best option to consider.

It is better suitable for Startups and designers who manage many client websites. They have three VPS plans called Standard, Enhanced and ultimate. To make it easier for you to compare, we have listed all of the plan features in a table below.

Bluehost VPS offers great performance and excellent support along with dedicated server resources. If you have a website which outgrown the shared environment, you can consider a VPS server.

WordPress hosting

If you are using WordPress to go online, you might need to consider their WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is solid and better performing as it is specially curated to run WordPress faster.

Additionally, you can also avail better support as they employ WordPress experts to provide support.

If you are on a shared web hosting plan and you use WordPress to publish your website, a managed WordPress hosting plan can be better than a VPS server when you need an upgrade.

Bluehost has four WordPress hosting plans and we have listed them in the table below

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting comes with a plethora of features.

They use a VPS virtualization which means server resources are not shared with others and your website is totally isolated and resources are available for you to use always.

Bluehost uses NGINX servers which are known for super fast website loading time.

Bluehost also integrates Mojo marketplace which is owned by their parent company Endurance. Mojo marketplace will help you to find best plugins and themes for your website easily.

Bluehost managed WordPress plans are also secure as they offer Sitelock security and Sitelock WAF along with a free CDN.

They are officially recommended web host by WordPress team and they employ many WordPress experts thus, you can expert quality and fast solutions for your queries when you run into problems.

Cloud Hosting

Bluehost offers cloud hosting services too. If you are wondering why you should use cloud hosting. Bluehost cloud hosting offers greater security along with better page loading time.

Bluehost offers an intuitive yet easy to use dashboard which helps you to manage your websites easily and effortlessly. They offer other features such as integrated caching and resource monitoring along with automated failovers. Their cloud hosting is fully managed too.

The table below shows current Bluehost Cloud hosting plan details

Speed and performance

Bluehost comes with good performance and speed. Though their speed is not that great when compared with other web hosts such as Interserver (Review) and Siteground (Review), They still offer great performance. We still host some smaller websites with Bluehost shared hosting which doesn’t get much traffic. Everything is satisfactory till now.


We always say that we should give more importance to support before purchasing any web hosting because this is one of most important thing to consider.

Bluehost provides excellent customer support. They offer support via ticket system and live chat. They do provide phone support but when the quality of their support is considered, I would say that they are good. Some people do complain that after Endurance’s acquisition, quality of support isn’t as good as before. But, in our experience, quality of support is good.

Uptime and Reliability

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime just like their other EIG siblings. This is pretty good and acceptable server uptime. We have few (Client) websites hosted with Bluehost and all of them are getting great uptime, there were few occasions where server went offline but they were pretty rare and total server downtime was around 6 minutes. Most of the time, we got a server uptime of 100%.

Bluehost is also a reliable web host you can depend on. Although they are a big web hosting company, they still do provide great services including support and reliable servers.

Security is another thing which needs to be mentioned here. One big reason why I always recommend established and leading web hosts. Bluehost provides secure servers which you can actually rely on.

Moneyback and Free domain

Bluehost offers 30 days money back. This is also quite common in the industry. They also offer one free domain with each shred hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting.


To conclude, I would say that Bluehost is a good web hosting provider for those bloggers and small business who is starting out. They have everything you needed. If you are someone who is getting started with blogging, Bluehost can be your best option as they have everything you needed to kick start a blog as low as $3.95/Month.

The same thing is applicable for small business too. But if you are a medium or enterprise business owner, Bluehost may not be suitable for you.

Bluehost just like their EIG sibling Hostgator, Offers decent website loading speed on shared hosting. If you need a much faster server, Probably you should consider Siteground or Interserver. To find more best-shared hosting read our list of best shared hosting providers.

  • Speed and Performance
  • Price
  • Support
  • Uptime and Reliabilityy
  • Features


Bluehost is a well known web hosting provider which provides various types of web hosting services. We did reviewed them in detail. As we mentioned in our review, Bluehost is a great web hosting provider for bloggers and small businesses. We found that they provide good services and support. But we also found that Bluehost is bit slower when compared with few of our other favourite hosting providers. That said, Bluehost is a good hosting provider but if you are looking for best speed and support along with security, we will recommend Siteground and Interserver.

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