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If you are a blogger or a webmaster, you might be aware of blacklists. Google and other search engines do blacklist websites if your website is generating spam or hosting malicious codes which will harm your users. If you are blacklisted probably you will be penalized by the search engine or may lead to a permanent ban. So how to test if your website is being blacklisted? check our list of best website blacklist checking tools

Sucuri Blacklist checker

Sucuri is a leading antivirus and web application firewall (WAF), provider. They keep websites safe and secure from both hackers and malwares. Sucuri security plugin comes with an in built blacklist and spam checke. If you do not use Sucuri plugin, you can visit their website and manually check for Blacklists

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Ultra tools

Ultratools is another leading website blacklist checker. They check a URL or IP address extensively and tells if Website or IP address is blacklisted.


Inmotion hosting got an awesome blacklist checking tool which will check your website or IP address and will tell you if it is blacklisted Click here to launch it now

Dotcom tools

Dotcom tools have a DNS blacklist checker tools That check if anti-spam blacklists are preventing email delivery from your hostname or IP address. You can check it here


View DNS provides many services from reverse DNS lookup, Reverse whois lookup, Reverse IP lookup etc. They also provide a spam checker too to check if your email servers are being blacklisted. You can visit ViewDNS to check

Our tips to avoid Blacklists

Strictly, no spam

We all hate spam so is Google and other search engines. If your SEO or marketing strategy involves spammy techniques, you will most likely get penalized for spamming. All major search engines have no tolerance for spam and a spammy strategy will destroy all your marketing and SEO efforts

You should also take measures to control user-generated spam on your website. You will get many comments from users including lots of spam. While Comments are really important for your website, you should handle spam comments well by using plugins like Akismet

Avoid Spammy web host

Have you ever wondered why your SEO campaign is not so effective even when you did everything right? Well, a reason can be a spammy web host. If you are using a shared hosting for your website, make sure that you purchase from a reputed web host and their shared IP address is clean. You can consider asking this question during your pre-sale enquiry with your web host. You should avoid using free web hosting as free web hosting is often spammy.

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Security is a very important thing which should not be forgotten Especially if you are using a CMS like WordPress, you have much more chances to be targeted by hackers and spammers. If your website security is compromised, hackers may gain access to your website and install malicious codes on your website and your website will be blacklisted by search engines and security providers. To avoid this, Use security plugins such as Wordfence and Sucuri. You should also consider a good web host which provides better security

Some themes and plugins also contain malicious codes which will harm here. See why you should be cautious about free themes and plugins

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