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Security is always a concern when it comes to WordPress. Millions of users and rapid growth of WordPress made it a favourite target of hackers and other bad guys out there. WordPress is expected to grow more and you can also expect the number of attackers will also grow.

Being a WordPress based website is not the only reason why you should expect others to target your website. There will be many other reasons involved too. That changes from professional rivalry which often results in DDoS attacks and some do it just for fun(Seriously).

Whatever be the reason, it is always wise to take the security of your website or blog into consideration and implement security measures. There are certain simple things to follow such as understanding WordPress security and precautions you can take and also use a security plugin etc,. It is always wise to use a dedicated WordPress host as they can implement robust security and patches easily as they need only to deal with WordPress.

While it is always wise to avoid challenging an attacker, there will be instances of DDoS or DOS or even brute attacks on your website.

Thus, it is always good to be safe than sorry.

Below are few of the WordPress plugins which offers good security. Some of these are paid while others offer a free version too. You should start using a plugin from the list right away to make your website more secure.

Wordfence(Free & Premium)

Wordfence is one of the most used WordPress security plugins. It is also most installed security plugin in WordPress repository. It offers great features as a result, millions of users install it and use.

We also use Wordfence on our website as it is a great security plugin. We list few of the wonderful features what makes Wordfence special.

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WAF: There is a web application firewall provided by Wordfence it detects and blocks malicious traffic so that your website will be safe.

Real-time firewall and malware signature update: They frequently updates malware signature as new threats emerge. This will make your website more secure, however, this is available for premium users only, for free users, there will be a 30days delay.

Real-time IP Blacklist: The firewall blacklist IPs where most attacks are coming from. This prevents brute force attacks and other malicious traffic. The plugin can also block specific IP range.

Malware scanning: There is an inbuilt malware scanner which scans for malware and removes any malware content. The scanner checks WordPress core files, themes and plugins for malware and blocks them if it finds any. They also compare WP files against WP core files in the repository. They also check for code injection.

Scheduled scan: The plugin can run frequent scans on your website and notify you if they find any problems.

The premium version offers much more too. Such as two-factor authentication etc which is a necessary thing. Wordfence is affordable too, even bloggers are small business owners can buy Wordfence.

Installation is quite easy too, they have step by step instructions to lead you through the installation process.

Download Wordfence

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

Sucuri(Free & Premium)

Sucuri is another well-known security plugin available for WordPress websites. They have both a free version and a paid version and the paid version is slightly expensive, looks like they target advanced or enterprise businesses.

Sucuri comes with many features which makes your website harder for hackers.

Security scan and auditing: Sucuri has an inbuilt security scanning system and security auditing system which detects malware and blocks them, the security audit detects and tells you about possible security threats if there are any.


Download Sucuri

Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

iThemes security(Free & Premium)

ithemes (formerly Better WP Security) is oldest among security plugins and they provide excellent security features. They currently have more than 900,000 active installs. As usual, they also have a free and a premium version available and the premium version comes with many extra functionalities. Though the free version also provides excellent security.

Two-factor authentication: They provide excellent two-factor authentication available. Which is good to prevent unauthorized logins and brute force attacks. It is also good to add another layer of security to your website.

They provide two-factor authenticator using google authenticator or authy.

Enforces better username and password: They enforce the use of better username and password. They also prevent registration of the username “Admin” it is commonly used admin username. By using admin as username, you are letting hackers to easily guess your password.

Website scan: It scans your whole website for malware and others. They also block troublesome user agents and bots.

Recaptcha support: There is support for google re-captcha to prevent spams and brute force attacks.

Along with these features,iThemes provide many other additional features. To know about all of them consider trying iThemes security.

Download iThemes

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

All in one WP security and firewall. (Free)

Another free plugin which offers good security. Probably only plugin which offers great security which is available with other premium security plugins.

Enforces good username and password: The plugin allows users and admins to create good password and username. and it also prevents admin username being registered.

Brute force attack prevention: The plugin prevents brute force attacks after a certain number of failed login attempts. And it also shows currently logged in users.

Captcha support: The plugin can add captcha to the login form and registration form. It can also add captcha to forgot password form too.

Manual approval of users: They provide a system to manually approve users.

Ban IPs: The plugin allows you to ban certain IPs or it can also ban some IP ranges. A good option to ban some suspicious IPs or you can even ban a specific IP range if you are being attacked.

Firewall: They have a firewall with lots of options and conditions. It is optimized to provide the best possible security for your WordPress based website/blog.

Security scans: They provide frequent security scans to make sure that your website is always secure.

Comment spam prevention: They provide a comment spam prevention so that you do not need to worry about spams. It also prevents current WordPress version from being displayed.

Three Options: They have three options based on your level of expertise. Basic, Intermediate and advanced. You can choose any of these options depends on your level of expertise. If you know what you are doing, it is always good to try advanced mode.

Download All in one WP security and firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Shield Security (Free & Premium)

Shield security enjoys currently 70000+ active install while writing this article. It is one of the simplest security plugin available and it works out of the box. When you activate it, there is a configuration wizard which guides you through the installation system.

According to developers, the plugin won’t disturb you with so many notifications it works silently and notifies you when necessary it is a good thing that the plugin will not panic you with so many notifications.

It comes with all the usual features

Scan: The plugin scans your website periodically and blocks any malicious content.

Limit login attempt: it prevents brute force attacks and also prevents malicious login attempts.

Core file scanning: Detects changes in WordPress core files.

IP Blacklist: The plugin blacklists and blocks malicious IP  Address.

Two-factor authentication: The plugin provides two-factor authentication via Google authenticator and email.

It also comes with many other features such as comment spam control, firewall, re-captcha and much more.

There is also a premium version which comes with exclusive customer support via email and much more.

Download Shield Security

Shield Security for WordPress

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Bulletproof Security (Free & Premium)

Bulletproof security comes with all the usual features and even more. The setup process is easy as it comes with one click setup. It provides a malware scanning and login security and monitoring.

The free version also provides a database backup system which backs up your WordPress database.

There is also a pro version which offers even more features.

Download Bulletproof Security

BulletProof Security

Jetpack by WordPress (Free & Premium)

Jetpack is one of the most famous plugins which most of us use. If you don’t know jetpack, Install it right away, the plugin offers lots of features functionalities and the plugin is developed by Automattic which is the team behind WordPress.

Jetpack comes with an inbuilt brute force prevention system which prevents unauthorised logins and the plugin also prevents comment spam with the help of Akismet plugin.

There are premium features which you can purchase which offers valuable services such as Vaultpress which securely backs up your website so that you can restore your website if something goes wrong such as a hack or accidental file deletion.

Download Jetpack

Jetpack by


These are few of the most famous plugins out there and choosing one best plugin is gonna be tough. For most users, Wordfence free will suffice but if you can purchase a paid version, I’d recommend you to buy one.

If you don’t want to spend money on a premium plugin, All in one WP security and firewall may be good for you.

If you want easy to use plugin, Shield security will be better for you.

I would recommend you to try all the plugins and choose the one which suits your needs as all the plugins have their own pros and cons.

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