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Many of you might have been looking to move to another web host due to various reasons such as you outgrown your current web hosting plan or your web host just sucks and you needs to move out to another better web host. Well here are some awesome WordPress migration plugins which make the migration process a lot easier than you thought.

WordPress is one of the easiest and most used CMS out there. More and more users are opting WordPress due to the ease of use. There might be another reason which could be a decision making things such as the availability of thousands of plugins and themes.

WordPress also has an active community of developers so that getting help during an emergency is fast which makes WordPress a favourite choice of many.

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WordPress migration is also an important thing as you might need to move your websites or blogs from one web host to another due to various reasons. You may be looking for a better web host or you might have found better deals or if you are enjoying huge success, and needs an upgrade to a managed VPS or a managed WordPress web hosting, you might need to consider moving your website.

If you are technically solid and knows how to handle the hard task, you probably need not worry about moving your website. But for laymen, moving a website can be tricky and here come migration plugins to rescue you. Most of the plugins can help you to move your websites with little or no effort.

Here we are introducing you some plugins that could help you safely move your websites or blogs to a new web host.

All in one WP Migration

All in one WP migration is a plugin which can be used to move your websites to another web host. The plugin is available for free from the WordPress repository. However, the free version comes with a limit of 512MB file size. If your website is larger, you will need a paid license but it is totally worth it.

The authors claim that they have tested their plugin with most of the famous web hosting providers and it works well. Most web hosting providers have a file upload size limit but All in one WP migration plugin uploads your website as smaller chunks thus upload limits will not be an issue.

The plugin is really helpful to move your website and it can also be a good backup plugin. You need to install a backup solution for your website as a disaster could have happened anytime. So, this plugin helps you in two ways.


Duplicator is another awesome plugin which is helpful for WordPress migration and also for backing up WordPress installations.

The process is simple, you can install Duplicator plugin on the website which needs to be migrated. The plugin then makes two files which need to be uploaded to the new server via FTP or via Cpanel file manager.

Once uploaded, navigate to installer.php and follow the instructions to install. When completed successfully, your website is migrated.


Vaultpress is the service from WordPress which offers too many features. Although Vaultpress is mainly intended to be used as a backup plugin, it is also an excellent website migration tool.

If you have an active subscription with vault press, you can restore a backup to your new web host. This article tells you exactly how to do a migration using vault press.

Backup Guard

The backup guard is another WordPress migration and backup plugin which helps you to migrate your website from one web host to another.

This plugin is also a great tool to make backups of your website. There are free and pro versions of this plugin are available. However, if you need the migration feature, you must purchase the pro version.

Super backup pro

Super backup pro is another famous WordPress backup and migration plugin.  This theme is useful to make backups of your website and also for migration.

It comes with so many features such as one-click restore. The plugin also supports seamless migration from one WebHost to others.

The price starts from $35 which includes one year of support and updates. You can purchase the theme from Themeforest.

Updrafts migration

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Updrafts migration is another plugin which can be used to make backups of your websites and also to migrate your website. The plugin like most of its competitors offers multiple backup options such as a local server, cloud storages such as google drive and dropbox.

It also comes with a fantastic interface and it also can be used to migrate your website from one web host to another.


So, this is our list of the best WordPress migration plugins. For most users, Duplicator or all in one WP migration work fine. But there are some other excellent options available.

Alternatively, if you find this cumbersome work, it is always good to find some web host who offers free migration. Here is a list of Managed WordPress hosting providers which offer free migration.

Compare all the plugins and features and choose the one which suits best for your budget.

If you think that we missed an awesome plugin, Do let us know in the comments below.

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