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WordPress is most popular and fastest-growing CMS. More than 26% of the whole internet is running on WordPress. If you are going to start a new website or you already have one, you will/are probably be using WordPress too. One important plugin which every WordPress website must use is a caching plugin. Caching plugins can increase your website’s performance and speed considerably. Neither your users nor google will like a slow website. thus you should start using a WordPress caching plugin right away. Here we have made a list of best WordPress caching plugins you can use on your website.

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WP super cache(Free)

WP super cache is perhaps the most used caching plugin. It creates a static HTML copy of a dynamic website. When an HTML copy of the website is created, it will deliver this static HTML copy of website instead of the original PHP version of the website.

W3 Total cache (Free)

One of the most famous caching plugin available right now. It is being used by more than a million users and the number of users is increasing day by day. According to the plugin creator, W3 total cache improves website performance by 10%. One big advantage of W3 total cache is that it supports both mobile version of website and AMP version of websites at the same time. It comes with other common features such as minifying HTML, java script, etc.

WP Rocket (Paid, Starts at $39/year)

WP rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin out there. Unlike the others, it has no free version available. It comes with a lot of features such as Browser caching, Database optimization, Lazy load and many other modes. If you are ready to invest money(Just $39/year for a website), WP Rocket is the best Caching plugin out there.

WP fastest cache (Free, Paid Premium version)

WP fastest cache is world’s fastest WordPress caching plugin according to its author. It justifies the argument in terms of performance. The plugin comes with much features such as gzip compression and minified CSS, javascript. It also comes with integrated CDN support. Some features such as image compression and database optimization are available only in premium version

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