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While most of us use WordPress to publish our website or blog, have you ever thought about data loss? A data loss can occur due to various factors such as server outage and your website getting hacked, there can be many instances of data loss.

This is why you must invest in a backup solution especially if your company or website is famous, you can expect many hacking attempts too. Although you can prevent most attempts using simple precautions and security plugins, it is always good to take precautions.

Some or most of the backup plugins support website moving which can be helpful for you to easily move your website from one web host to another. Although most web hosts offer free website migration if you need it in case, this can be helpful.

Here in this article, we introduce you some great plugins which provide excellent backup and restore functionalities for your website.

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Updrafts Plus (Free and Premium)

Updrafts are one among the most famous and used WordPress plugins out there.  The plugin can backup your website to cloud storage. There are scheduled backup option which allows you to conveniently backup your plugin.

Updraft offers Updraft vault, along with that, you can also backup your website to cloud storages such as Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc. Please note that a premium license is required for some cloud storages such as Google cloud platform and Microsoft Azure.

One big advantage of updraft is that it uses few system resources only so that you do not need to worry about higher system resource usage.

The plugin has a premium version too which offers much more features such as website migration support and WP multisite support. The premium version can also backup files outside WordPress installation and can avail dedicated support too.

Download updrafts

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

BackWPup (Free and Premium)

BackWP up is another excellent WordPress backup plugin which has a long list of features. The plugin can backup and restore your website and it can also backup your MySQL database too(This function requires mysqli).

The plugin takes backup of your websites and stores it directly to the WP includes folder. It can also take backup as a single .zip. .tar or .tar.gz file.

The plugin can also backup your WordPress installation to FTP and other cloud storages such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google drive and many others.

To save backups to Amazon Glacier and Google drive, you need to purchase a premium plugin. the premium plugin also offers an option to restore backups with just one click from WordPress dashboard.

Download BackWPup

BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

Vaultpress (Jetpack by WordPress) (Free and Premium)  Try VaultPress

Vaultpress comes inbuilt with the famous WordPress plugin Jetpack. This plugin offers more features which are not available with the WP installation by default. The plugin is a little heavier but it comes with many features thus most of us use it.

Vaultpress is a premium service which is offered by Automattic Which is the company behind WordPress and Jetpack. Their plans are pretty affordable. The personal plan starts at $39/year and the business plan starts at $299/Year.

Features include automatic daily backup with unlimited storage And 30 days of backup retention. While a business plan offers real-time backup and unlimited backup archives.


Duplicator is more like a website moving tool but it is an excellent plugin that offers website backup facility too.

The plugin can be used to make manual backups and you can download and keep a local copy to your computer as back up.

The plugin can offer website migration between web hosts and it can also be used to move from one domain to another.

While the plugin is used for WordPress website migration, it can also be used as a backup plugin.

Download duplicator

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

All in one WP migration

All in one WP migration is another website migration plugin which can be used to make WordPress manual backups. While it is extremely easier to do website migration and restore, It is also much easier to make a website backup.

You can simply export your whole website and download and save it to your local computer. If you want to restore it, you can do it by uploading it to an already existing WordPress installation.

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While the plugin is easier to install and use, you will need to purchase premium version to migrate website larger than 512MB.

All-in-One WP Migration


Backup is a very important thing which needs to be given much importance. While backups can be expensive, the free version of some plugin also works well for if you are looking for a cost-effective solution.

We recommend updrafts plus as it is an awesome plugin and works very well and meets most user’s needs even with the free version. There is a paid version which works great and comes with many extra functionalities.

If you need a lightweight plugin which will not put much stress on your servers, consider using BackWPup. It will not stress your server much thus it makes an excellent option for those who use a shared server.

If you don’t mind about money, it is always good to use Vaultpress as they offer enterprise-level backup and restore.

Finally, do install at least a free backup plugin on your website, you will not regret later.


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