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Advertising is one of the main sources of income for most bloggers and webmasters. There are many types of advertising available. Contextual advertising such as Google Adsense and it also includes other banner ads or text link ads.

Some bloggers will choose to directly accept ads and it is a great way to monetize their website. Which will also give more money and more control on the type of ads appear on the blog.

Now, managing advertisements on a website can be a cumbersome job. Especially if you are an individual blogger, you will responsible for everything. In such a situation, an ad management plugin can be helpful for you.

Advantages of an ad management plugin

The main advantage is that it makes easier for you to manage the ads. For some users, especially newbies, inserting ads in the page can be hard, an ad management plugin can eliminate problems like this.

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These plugins can also be helpful to rotate ads. They will also let you to insert ads in a custom location in certain situations you need.


Another advantage is, most of the plugins come with inbuilt analytic and reporting so that you can track clicks and impressions and user behaviour as well. This will help you to further optimize ads for better revenue.

Now, Let’s see our list of best ad management plugins.

Ad Inserter

Ad inserter comes with both a free version and a paid version.  The free version can meet requirements of many. If you need more control and features, you can also use their paid version which is pretty cheap.

Ad inserter could help you to include your ads in posts and pages. You can also manually set the locations and also manage conditions if you want to prevent ads in certain conditions.

The free version of the app comes with a plethora of options such as 16 Ad code blocks, and tons of insertion options. You can insert your ads before or after the content. You can also insert codes before or after certain paragraphs or comments.

The plugin also allows you to add custom widgets to your sidebars.

Premium version of the plugin offers 64 Ad blocks along with few extra options. Geolocation, Blacklist or whitelist Countries or IPs, And it can also provide ad impression and click tracking.

Another advantage of a pro plugin is, ad blocking detection and ad blocking reporting which is very useful.

Advanced ads

Advanced ads is another popular ad management plugin which helps you to easily insert ads into your blog or website.

Advanced ads allow you to insert unlimited ads on your blog. They allow you to insert ads from various publishers such as AdSense and Chitika.

You can also rotate ads, schedule ads and also set expiry date for ads.

They have an addon plugin called selling ads which allows you to sell ads on your own website, this plugin is a premium one.

They also have other premium add-on plugins such as advanced ads, Geo-targeting, tracking, responsive ads.

This plugin is useful if you are selling ads on your blog, but it requires an add on plugin, which is paid.

Download Advanced Ads.

Advanced Ads – Ad Manager & AdSense


 Adrotate allows you to sell your own ads. They also allow you to insert ads from Adsense,, Chitika etc. The plugin lets you insert ads pretty much anywhere on your website.

It comes with an impression and clicks tracking and it will also allow you to evaluate the performance of each ad and optimize it for better revenue.

For those who need extra features, Adrotate offers a pro plugin with added features. Some notable features include, the plugin allows you to sell ads directly and collect payments via a dashboard.

It also has a disguise function which prevents ad blockers from detecting and removing ads. They support most plugins and devices.

If you need any help, you can contact them through email for support.

Adrotate is a great option if you are planning to sell your own ads. It makes the process easier and straightforward. The plugin even allows your advertisers to manage ads from the dashboard.

Download Adrotate.

AdRotate Banner Manager

Ads pro

Ads pro is one of most famous ad management plugins available with thousands of sales. The plugin is a premium plugin which is being sold through Codecanyon.

The plugin lets you manage and sell ads on your website. It uses a template and grid system to show matched and user-friendly ads. It allows you to display your ads in more than 20 ways.

One cool feature of the ads pro plugin is that it comes with an adblocking detector to help you to prevent loss of money.

The plugin comes with many features, A nice looking back ends scheduled ads, user management, geo-targeting,  and device detection.

To sell ads, it comes with PayPal payment option, along with Stripe and bank transfer. It is also Woocommerce integrated.


 Adsanity is another famous WordPress ad management plugin which is known for the simplicity and features available. It is lightweight, comes with many add-on modules to extend features. They do not have a free version, you will have to purchase their premium plugin.

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Adsanity allows you to set expiry dates for your ads. If you are selling ads on your website, Adsanity can help you to make the process easier.

It also comes with a graphical status option. So that you can easily track impressions and clicks.

If you need more features, they also have some add-ons available. Some basic add-ons are free and some are paid. Price varies from $19.00 to $49.00

SAM pro

 SAM pro is a famous ad management plugin which is the successor of the well-known plugin simple ads manager.

SAM pro provides various options for website owners such as ad rotation, Scheduling, limiting by impressions or clicks.

The plugin supports various types of ads, Image, flash, php, Java etc. The plugin also allows you to sell ads on your website. The plugin also works well with all caching plugins.

Download SAM Pro

SAM Pro (Free Edition)


 It is always hard to choose one or two “Good” plugins when few good plugins are compared. Each has their own pros and cons. It will be wise to choose a theme which serves your requirements well.

If I am asked to choose one from the list, I would choose Ad Inserter (Which I am using right now). If I have to sell ads on my website, I would choose ads pro plugin as it provides tons of features makes ad selling process easier.

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