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If you are a newbie webmaster or blogger, you might have heard about SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting better search engine ranking. Ideally, every webmaster will try to get a better ranking in search engines and methods or tweaks to achieve this is called as SEO. Website speed is one important factor which affects your website’s or blog’s ranking. In order to test your website’s speed, you need some tools. Here we are listing the best website speed test tools which you can use to test your website’s speed

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Pingdom is the most useful website testing tool. With the free version, you can test your website’s speed from 4 locations worldwide. But you need to purchase a paid plan if you want to test from more locations or to automate website speed test and to enable website monitoring.

Pingdom examines all parts of your website such as HTML, CSS and Javascript and gives you recommendations based on the test result. So you can fix the problems on your websites such as optimizing images and CSS


GTMetrix provides a good insight into your website. It provides more test locations so that you can find your website load time in different parts of the world. They also provide page speed score from Page speed and Y slow. Based on the test score, they will give you recommendations on how to fix errors on your website and to make your website to load faster. Their reports include a waterfall and video reporting.

Sucuri Loadtime Tester

Sucuri has a different approach towards website load time testing. They show website connection speed and time taken by the server to send the first byte(Time for the first byte) and they also show total time required to load the web page. They check your website speed from various locations and gives a graphical reporting.

Goole Pagespeed Insights


Google page speed insights is a website speed testing tool which is provided by Google. Page speed insights test your website speed and give a score for your website and tell you where you need to work to improve your website’s speed. Your website should get a good score, ideally above 80 for both mobile and desktop.


YSlow is a web page speed testing tool which evaluates your website and shows a score after testing it. They looking into many factors while testing your website and giving it a score. It will also show you where you need to work and gives you recommendations Such as using a CDN and Minifying CSS and HTML.

Dotcom tools

Dotcom tools is another website speed test tool which offers various testing methods to benchmark your website. They help you to check your website loading speed from various locations in the world, they also offer ping, DNS lookup, Network trace, blacklist checkup etc. Dotcom tools is an awesome set of tools which will help you to monitor your website and its health

Google Mobile Site checkup

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The Internet is gone mobile. More and more people are accessing the internet from a mobile website thus you are also supposed to make your website mobile friendly and keep it fast for your mobile users to give them a better mobile experience.

Goole mobile site checker could help you with this. They will check your website and list all the problems on your website and also tells you where you need improvements. It is a great tool which not only tests your website speed but also helps you to optimize your mobile website for mobile users

Wrap Up

If your website speed is low, you should optimize your website to increase your website speed. Your website should load under 5 seconds. If you can make it below 3 seconds, that would be good. Website loading time is an important factor which you should give attention to. If you tried everything and your website is still slow, its time to change your web host. Here are our recommended Shared web hostsWordPress hosting providers and VPS web hosts

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