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If you are a newbie blogger who is using shared web hosting and recently enjoyed a tremendous growth or if you are expecting growth and a sudden surge of traffic, VPS hosting will be your next option probably.

With a VPS your website can handle more traffic and it will also make your website faster as the promised server resources are always available for your website. Finding a reliable VPS provider can be a hard and time-consuming task. But don’t worry, we did the research for you and made a list of best VPS hosting providers.

Here in this list, we are listing only those managed VPS server providers as it is more suitable for newbies.

We have carefully curated our list. The list is created based on the quality of service they provide which includes Performance, speed, support, security and overall value for money. While value for money is our least priority as we think you should not bother about the pricing while choosing a VPS hosting provider.


Visit Knownhost

Knownhost is the best VPS and dedicated hosting provider we came across. They provide Managed VPS servers and managed dedicated servers.

KnownHost VPS plans

Their servers perform well and they do have awesome support and a 99.9% SLA. which makes then an unresistible choice for those who are looking for VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Over time, they managed to build credibility and reputation. They provide great managed VPS servers those serious webmasters and bloggers. And they are highly reliable and their support is phenomenal. Most of their customers would likely to recommend knownhost to others.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Knownhost Features

Knownhost offers three Datacenter locations in Seattle, Dallas, Baltimore, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Those who are from the other side of the globe and got more users from another continent would need to use a CDN to for faster page load times.

They provide all the common and essential features.

Best uptime guarantee

They offer you the best uptime guarantee in the industry. They strive to minimize downtimes during upgrades and scheduled maintenance.

Free control panel

They provide you with a free control panel. Earlier they used to provide free CPanel but it seems like they provide Direct admin for free after the recent pricing revision by Cpanel. And you can also avail Softaculous just for $1/Month.

24×7 support

Their services are managed as we discussed earlier. Which means they will take care of the server management and patching and updates etc. You can save time and focus on what you are doing.


They offer backup facility as standard. We all know that how horrible it can be if we lose our data, thus Knownhost provides a backup solution with their plans you can configure it as per your need.


Knownhost will take care of your server. They will give you anti-DDoS protection as complimentary and also gives you SSL for free.


Visit Interserver

We recently reviewed Interserver and we were really impressed by the quality and speed they offer. They provide affordably and fast VPS hosting programs. They have their own custom control panel which allows you to easily install famous CMS software such as WordPress and Joomla.

Their cheaper plans are unmanaged, to get full server management, you have to have at least 4 slices purchased. This, along with upgraded SSD drives and Cpanel would cost you around $46/month. But it is still cheaper than most VPS hosting providers out there. You can read our Interserver review here. Use our exclusive coupon code “INFOLYTE” to get your first month’s hosting only for $0.01.

They have a different approach to server management. They will manage your server if you purchase 4 “slices” from them and each slice costs you around $6/Month. And they only manage what they install which means, if you install anything yourself, they will not manage it.

Interserver features

Interserver offers some great features and they are as follows

Affordable pricing

They have some great pricing structure around. When compared with other VPS hosting providers, their pricing is really affordable.

Choose your preferred panel

They have their own panel available and you can use it free of cost from there you can do most thing including installation of application such as WordPress. But if you prefer Cpanel, you need to pay $15/Month and you can also choose Direct admin which costs around $8/Month.

Managed Support

As we mentioned earlier, they will manage your server if you purchase 4 slices from them. Considering their pricing, 4 slices doesn’t cost you much and still cheaper than the other VPS hosting providers.

SSD Drives

SSD drives are becoming a standard in the web hosting industry and Interserver is no exception. They provide you with SSD drives which provides superior performance over traditional SATA drives.



Visit Dreamhost

Dreamhost is another favourite hosting provider of us and would recommend to anyone. They provide the cheapest managed hosting service. I know they do not offer Cpanel or any other famous web-based control panels for their customers, but they have developed their own control panel which is easy to use. They, offer SSD storage unlimited bandwidth along with great customer support.


Their plans start at $15 per month and go up to $120 per month. When the price is considered Dreamhost is one of the few web hosts which offers cheap managed VPS hosting service.

Dreamhost features

As mentioned earlier, Dreamhost offers some great pricing and they are known for fast performing servers. Here are a few other features that make Dreamhost a wonderful choice.

100% Uptime

They offer 100%uptime which is pretty rare.

Unlimited 24×7 support

They offer unlimited 24×7 support. regardless of the issues you are in, Dreamhost crews are always there to help.

Dreamhost Control panel

Some of you may love it some may hate it. Dreamhost offers their own custom developed control panel which comes with great features. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to pay extra for another control panel like CPanel.

Unlimited Bandwidth

They provide unlimited premium bandwidth. Great!

Unlimited Email

You can create an unlimited number of email address for your entire team. Which means you don’t have to spend extra money for email hosting.


Visit Hostgator

Hostgator is another well-known shared web hosting provider which is famous among bloggers and webmasters. They provide some great shared hosting plans for those who are starting out. But they also provide incredible VPS hosting for those are looking for powerful hosting.

Hostgator VPS plans

The plans start at $29.95/month. With this plan, you get 2 core CPU 2 GB ram along with 1.5 terabytes of bandwidth.

You can consider HostGator for their affordable prices and incredible supports and a generous amount of server resources against pricing.

Hostgator features

Full root access

They provide full root access. Most managed VPS providers do not provide root access. But if you are an experienced one, you can make use of the root access.

24×7, award-winning support

Their award-winning support staff is here to help you always. They are available via live chat and over the phone.

Weekly offsite backup

Backups are important. They do keep weekly offsite backups and stores it in a remote secure location.


Visit Bluehost

Bluehost is a sister company of Hostgator. Like HostGator, Bluehost also offers excellent VPS servers at an affordable price.

Bluehost VPS plans

Their VPS hosting starts at a price of 19.99$ a month. With this plan, you can get 30 GB storage Unlimited bandwidth 2 core CPU 2GB RAM along with the great support.

Bluehost VPS is fully managed by Bluehost. Which means they will take care of everything and you can enjoy good customer support whenever you run into trouble. If you need better server resources you can always upgrade to a higher plan anytime.

Bluehost features

A free domain name for the first year

They provide a free domain name for the first year. So that you do not need to register the domain elsewhere.

24×7 Support

Their support staff are ready to help you anytime.


Visit A2Hosting

A2hosting is another well-known host provider which is known for the speed of their servers. Just like their shared hosting, A2 hosting offers incredibly fast VPS servers. We actually have no idea how they do it, but it works incredibly.

A2Hosting VPS Plans

Their managed VPS hosting starts at a price of 32.99$ a month with this plan you can get 75 GB storage 2TB transfer along with 4GB RAM and a quad-core processor they also provide free Cpanel along with WHM.

A2Hosting features

A2hosting offers some great features compared to the competitors.

20x faster servers

This is probably the biggest USP of A2hosting. Their superfast servers are 20 faster than the others.

24×7 support

Their famous support crew are ready to help you anytime.

Free account migration

If you are migrating from another web host, they will migrate your website from your previous host for free.

Anytime money back

They offer you anytime money back. This is a pretty rare scenario considering other web hosts only offer 30 days money back. This shows that A2hosting is pretty confident about their servers.

Inmotion hosting

Visit Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is another leading web hosting provider. They provide great managed VPS hosting.

Their monthly plans start at 29.99$ a month. With this plan, they provide 75 GB SSD storage and 4TB bandwidth along with 4 GB RAM.

Their plans include free Cpanel and WHM. they also provide great support along with a great backup solution which makes them value for money  VPS hosting provider.

Inmotion hosting features

Automatic backups

They provide automatic shan

Free Cpanel and WHM

Cpanel and WHM are included in the VPS package so you need not buy them separately.

Root access

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Although managed, they provide you with full root access.

Free migration

If you are migrating from another web host, Inmotion hosting can provide you with free migration.

90Days money back

They provide you with a 90 days money back which is fantastic.


Visit Fastcomet

Fastcomet is a great web hosting provider their shared web hosting is known for Speed and great performance which offers. Due to this quality of services, they grew so fast and gained a good reputation and lots of clients.

They also provide great cloud VPS at a reasonable price. If you are looking for fast managed VPS you should consider Fastcomet too. In fact, Fastcomet offers cloud VPS servers that is why the price can be justified even if it is slightly expensive than the others.

Fastcomet VPS Plans

There plant starts at a price of $59.99 per month. This includes 2GB RAM single-core CPU 30 GB SSD storage and 2 TB bandwidth.

Although looks bit costlier than the competition their plants include Cpanel and it’s cloud VPS too.

One thing worth mentioning is that Fastcomet offers only 7 days money back. Which is slightly disappointing as their competitors have much more flexible money-back guarantee. For example, Inmtionhosting has a 90days money back policy and A2hosting offer anytime money back.

Fastcomet features

Cpanel includes

The plan includes Cpanel so you don’t need to spend extra money on Cpanel or any other panel.

Cloud SSD

The servers are powered by SSD drives in the cloud. Expect great performance

Free daily and weekly backup

They take care of your data and keeps daily and weekly backups.


So, here we have listed all the best VPS providers and it is up to you to choose one from your needs. If you are on a tight budget, Probably Interserver is your best bet. But it needs you to have some deeper knowledge about servers. And to get full server management, you need to buy 4 slices at least which costs you $24/Month

If you are not an expert at all, I would recommend you to try Dreamhost which comes with great pricing, excellent performance and support.

If you have money to spend, I would recommend A2hosting.

That being said, it is always up to you to choose one which suits your needs meets your budget.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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