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SEO is one of the most important things in a website or a blog. Imagine you do everything right, you made a beautiful and engaging website or blog, created great content, yet struggling with search engine traffic?

You probably are promoting your content in different ways such as social media or some PTC campaigns or anything like that.

But, your ultimate aim should be search egine traffic. Why? Because it is free traffic and highly targeted so that you will have more conversion and sales.

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The problem might be with your SEO approach. There are thousands of articles describing how to do SEO right and how to market your content. But if you are not an expert and needs to do everything on your own, what you need is an SEO tool.

Trust me, most or all of the successful content marketers rely on at least one of such tools to effectively market their content and to increase their search ranking.

And these tools tell them much more details like why is their competitors are ranked better than them and provided them with suggestions to out rank their competitors.

In order to get survive this completion, your best bet is to use any of these tools to find where you lags and to make modifications accordingly.

This is why you are also supposed to use at least one of such tools to increase revenue on your website or blog. Most of these tools are paid but can be used with limited features if you decide to use them for free. Either way, it is a must use tool for bloggers and digital marketers.


Probably the best tool. This tool is used by established and novice bloggers. It has so many features which are enough to increase your search engine visibility and to increase targeted traffic to your website.

They provide a free 14-day trial which will be useful for you to get started.

Google Search Console

It is the tool by Google provided for webmasters to track their indexing status and search queries received. The service was previously known as the Google webmaster tool. This is a powerful tool which provides so much information to users about their website which makes it one of the best free tool out there.

You can also submit your sitemap to Google and also provides your websites performance, search appearance, keywords used and click-through rate and many more. It is the must use tool which every webmaster should consider and probably this is the only most powerful yet free to use tool out there. If you do not use Google search console, start using it right away.


Moz is another well known SEO and SEM tool which is very known for its rich features and affordable pricing.

Moz provides various options for users such as keyword research, backlink research, rank tracking etc. They also have a 2-week free trial offer which can be used to learn about their services.

In fact, Moz is the pioneer in the SEO and SEM industry. They are around for a while so they know what they are doing.

Moz have a free keyword research tool which you should give a try. It gives you a lot info about your desired keywords and also give you a competition analysis.


Ahrefs is one of the fastest growing SEO and SEM provider. They are highly effective, as a result, more and more webmasters are switching to Ahrefs and the number is increasing.

Ahrefs also comes with all regular tools such as Keyword research, Backlink checker, Competition analysis, content research and rank tracking.

They also offer some great tutorials such as link building strategies and how to do SEO right.

Screaming Frog

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Screaming Frog is another famous and well-known SEO and SEM tool which is quite famous. This software has free and a paid version. The good thing about it is that that many good features are available with the free version. And even more, features are available with the paid version.

It can do so many things such as finding broken links, Redirection audit, Finding duplicate content if someone copies your website.


They have one big database of links which makes them preferable for most. They have so many features such as backlink history checked and site explorer which will be useful for SEO professionals.

It will help you to audit your website and create a report and keyword analysis so that you can work towards better SEO. Their plans starting from $49/month. Considering features available, it is worth the money paying.


You are supposed to use these tools to increase your organic traffic and there by to increase your revenue. But don’t forget that these things work only when you have some great content.

Just think why your users are visiting your website and Create content that is useful for them. As everybody says, make content for humans not for search engines.

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