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WordPress is pretty much sophisticated and comes with many features. If you need more features other than those built-in features, you should probably consider a plugin which does the work for you.

In many cases, you will have a hard time with the design of your website. Your theme may not include the functionalities or features you are looking for. If you have an awesome design idea in your mind and needs to make your posts or pages look the way you wanted to, your next option is using a page builder.

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What is a page builder?

In simple term, page builders are plugins which allows you to edit pages and posts. So that you can make your posts and pages look the way you wanted. Page builders allow you to make your website easier for your users to navigate, beautiful and it is also useful as websites with good structure would rank better in search engines.

Page builders can actually be really helpful as they could help you to make a professional looking website from scratch.

Some great page builders for you

So you now know what a page builder is and what it does for you. Here we have a list of some great page builders which you can try. Most of them are free to use and some features may need a payment to unlock.


Elementor is a page builder which offers great functionalities and features. It can help you to do a complete design change and make your website attractive and easier for your users to navigate around.

The theme comes with over 80 design elements which allow you to do almost anything and give it the appearance you need.

There are many elementor compatible themes and add ons available but the plugin works with any theme.

They offer a drag and drop builder for absolute beginner and along with that they are developer-friendly and this is helpful for those experienced users and developers.

The plugin can be downloaded for free from WordPress plugin repository and from their website. But certain features are not available with the free version. You need to upgrade to a pro plan to avail some features.

Elementor is a great plugin for newbies to make fantastic websites or blogs. Great thing about them is that the plugin works with any theme and te possibilities are endless.

The plugin also comes with a free version and the free version offers many fantastic features and this makes Elementor our favourite choice.

WP Backery

WP backery is another visual composer whihc is pretty famous among WordPress users. The plugin is being sold on Themeforest and according to developers, the theme is used by more than 2 million users.

The plugin offers so many functionalities and it comes with a responsive design and so many other options. The plugin allows you to completely change the design of your website and also will work with any themes.

It is compatible with most plugins such as Yoast SEO and also Woocommerce. It also come with a template system.


Siteorigin is another well known page builder wich is free to use. The pae builder also come bundled with many free and premium themes.

The plugin will work with any theme and you can build beautiful pages using the drag and drop builder. And all of the widgets are also available with the Siteorigin page builder.

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The plugin is around for a while and it is popular among both users and developers. It also comes with many features such as live editor, history browsing and more.

WP Page builder

This is another famous plugin which offers a live front end page builder. Like other plugins, this page builder works with any theme and offers a drag and drop page builder.

It come with so many addon and a real-time front end editing option. The page builder is available for free and you can start using it immediately after downloading and installing it.

However, there are pro features too. Pricing starts from $39 and goes up to $99 depends on the plan and number of websites. You need to purchase a plan which is suitable best for your needs.


Page builders are extremely useful and come with many features. They allow you to make beautiful websites that look fantastic and also converts.

Here we have a list of some great page builder software and we will be updating the list as soon as new ones available.

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