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WordPress is worlds most famous CMS and many newbies and pro bloggers/webmasters chose WordPress for their website. Due to this fame companies started to invest more in WordPress hosting and started to make hosting made for WordPress only. Managed WordPress hosting is the best WordPress hosting you can get because a hosting which is curated especially for WordPress can offer faster websites and better security along with other benefits. They are described in detail in our blog post why you need WordPress hosting. Check out our list f top 10 WordPress hosting.

A new player in the industry with some great features.  They have an easy to use control panel which is really simple and easy to use, along with that, they offer free enterprise CDN to all their customers.

While their pricing similar to some of their competitors, they have a generous allocation of resources and fantastic support along with other features such as free migrations and much more.

They offer free WAF, malware protection and fantastic support. If you are looking for a WordPress host that’s incredible, fast, consider Rocket.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS


Visit Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the well-known web hosts out there and they are official WordPress partner too. They have a managed WordPress hosting plan which is suitable for all kinds of websites.

Their expertise in hosting and WordPress helped them to curate the best-optimized WordPress hosting. They provide 1 dedicated IP address and 1 free domain with each plan. They also give free SSL certificates with every plan. Even their smallest plan can handle 100 million users and they provide a generous amount of server resources.

Unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers, Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is cheaper faster and can handle more visitors.


Visit Siteground

Siteground got three excellent WordPress hosting plans. Although being extremely fast web hosting, their plans are cheaper too, which makes them so popular among webmasters.

Their WordPress hosting plans are really cheap and they outperform other expensive WordPress hosts. Their plans come with the great website speed, fantastic support and wonderful pricing.

They have three plans. To get most features of a managed WordPress hosting, you should either go with the grow big or go geek plan.

They have great pricing, friendly and awesome support which makes them an awesome managed WordPress hosting provider.

To learn more about them, Read our Siteground Review


Visit Fastcomet

Fastcomet is one of our most favourite WordPress hosting provider. We love them due to their extremely low priced WordPress hosting and generous resource allocation.

Their support and performance are outstanding. You will not get all these features anywhere else. Other two important features of Fastcomet are, a Free domain for life- you will get a domain free for the entire period you host with Fastcomet. Another feature is, they will not increase prices for renewals as other web hosts do.

Here is our detailed Fastcomet review you can read


Visit Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the well-known hosting providers out there. They have a hosting plan curated especially for WordPress.

They provide a clean and easy to use control panel and also provides three plans. plans start at a price of $5.95 with this plan you can host only one website. We found their plans are attractive because they are generous about the number of visitors.

Hostgator’s years of experience in the hosting industry helped them to provide high performing WordPress hosting. Be sure to use the coupon code “INFOLYTE60” to get a whopping 60% off on your first invoice.


WPengine is a leading WordPress web host. They provide High quality managed WordPress hosting. WPengine provides the fastest servers and solid security for your website. WPengine should be your first preference if you are looking for security and performance along with quality WordPress support

WPengine pricing starts at $29/ month. This plan called “Personal” allows you to host only one website. If you have more than one website, you should check for higher plans. Their professional plan allows up to 10 WordPress installations for$99 a month. Next plan called Business will allow you to host up to 25 websites and charges $249 a month

if you want all the necessary WordPress features in one place you should go with WPengine. They have faster servers, awesome support, and great security which makes them a great WordPress hosting provider.


Visit Flywheel

Flywheel is another famous WordPress host which offers amazing managed WordPress hosting service. They are affordable, fast and comes with awesome support. If you have only one website, you should probably consider flywheel managed WordPress hosting because they offer great plans for single domain WordPress hosting starting from $14 a month. While their multi-domain WordPress hosting starts at $92/month

Flywheel comes with other features such as nightly backups, Staging and cloning of your websites, Free SSL and awesome WordPress security. and as always, faster page load times

We love flywheel due to the big list of features and extremely friendly support. if you want a truly managed WordPress hosting provider you should consider flywheel too


Pagely is suitable for medium to large businesses. Their plans start from $499 a month and go up to $2000 a month. If your website receives a lot of traffic, Pagely is the best option for you.

They provide staging and other features such as solid WordPress security. They also provide CDN with their WordPress hosting. Pagely uses Amazon cloud services and you can expect great performance always

They are focused on providing hosting for Enterprises and larger websites. They are plants also suitable for such websites


Kinsta is a relative newcomer in the WordPress hosting field and gained quick fame. Many of the most known and popular websites switched to Kinsta. Why? Because they are simply awesome. Kinsta is founded and run by WordPress experts so you can always expect quality services from them. Kinsta uses Google cloud platform and you can always expect faster response and page load times which makes Kinsta fastest WordPress hosting provider

Kinsta pricing starts from $100 and you can host one website with this plan. If you have more than one website, you should choose another plan which costs more. Like Pagely, Kinsta is also suitable for medium to large websites. One unique feature of Kinsta is, they will not limit the number of unique visitors per month.

recently Kinsta introduced cheaper plans which means their hosting is much more affordable now. And even bloggers can now purchase Kinsta plans


Visit A2Hosting

A2Hosting is known for providing fast shared hosting services which no other can match. They recently introduced a managed WordPress hosting plans for those who are looking for a managed WordPress hosting plan.

Their shared hosting comes with lots of features. There are no monthly page view limits like most of the other WordPress hosting providers which are a huge advantage. They provide WordPress staging, A2 optimization and faster websites with their turbo feature.

They also provide an easy back up of your website. You can avail Jetpack personal for free if you host with A2Hosting.

If you are looking for a fast WordPress hosting with great speed and no monthly visitor or bandwidth restrictions, you should consider A2Hosting.


InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Pressidium comes with awesome support and great pricing. They have data centres locations around the world.

If you purchase annually, their lowest plan starts at $42 a month. In which you can use up to 3 WordPress websites. Also, they offer other features like free website migration and free SSL. If you are on a budget, Pressidium will be the right option for you


To conclude I would recommend Siteground for anyone. If you have just started out or you have a big website, Siteground would be the best solution for you as you get WordPress hosting at the price of shared hosting.

If you are on a tight budget and want a cheaper option, I would recommend you to go with Fastcomet.

If you are obsessed with speed and performance, you should go with WP engine. They provide everything you need.

If you want slightly cheaper plans than WPengine and equal quality of service, you can consider flywheel.

If you want the ultimate WordPress experience, consider Kinsta. Before their plans were expensive but they have introduced cheaper options which makes them suitable for everyone who is looking for the best WordPress features and support and also get the quality of Google Cloud.

If you have a larger website which gets higher traffic, you can consider Pagely.

if you have two websites you can also consider media temple. because media temple’s cheapest plan allows you to host 2 websites.

You can say all of the WordPress hosting providers have a limit on the number of unique visitors per month. if you are concerned about this, you can try Bluehost or Hostgator.

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