Best image optimization plugins for WordPress

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best image optimization plugin for wordpress

We know that website speed is an important factor which gives better SEO and SERP rankings. If your blog or website contains many images, it will increase your page size and will take much more time to load.

You can reduce website loading time and make your website blazing fast by optimizing images on your website. Here we are comparing a few of the most famous image optimization plugins for WordPress which will reduce your image sizes and will give better page loading time.

Why should you optimize your images?

Well, if you are asking why image optimization is important, The shortest answer is to make your website faster. We are living in an era where everyone loves the website which loads fast. You dislike a slow loading website so am I. Images can be the culprit here as they increase page size considerably. You can resolve this by optimizing images. Here is a list of best image optimization plugins for WordPress which could help you to optimize your website for faster loading speed.

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The bad news is that search engines also dislike slow websites. So, if your website is slow, it will affect you in two ways, you will lose the audience and you will also struggle with SEO.

So it is obvious that you must take measures to reduce your website loading time. To make it easier for you, here is an example. Infolyte uses many images and it was making our website slow and our page size was around 2.8MB which is pretty big I must say.

We used the smush plugin to optimize our images and also used Jetpack CDN which helped us to reduce the website page size considerably. Now it’s size is below 700KB.

Offloading your website’s static assets such as images Java scripts to a CDN is an effective way to reduce the load on your website and they also will load from a server near your customer which means your website will load faster. If you optimize your images and deliver it from a CDN, you can increase your website’s performance considerably.

This is why an image optimization plugin and CDN is important for your website or blog.

EWWW image optimizer

Ewww image optimizer is a popular image optimizer available for WordPress. There are two plugins. One which optimizes image locally which means the entire optimization goes on your server. Though it might cause some extra load on your server and might not be useful for a shared hosting environment especially if you have many images to optimize.

Another one is the cloud-based optimization which uploads your files to the cloud and optimizes your images there which means the optimization occurs in the cloud server without putting extra load on your servers.

Ewww image optimizer comes with various features such as lossy and lossless optimization. It comes with many features such as skipping already optimized images and supports many other plugins and CDN.

While The Ewww optimizer is available for free, Ewww cloud optimizer is paid thus you have to purchase images credits from their website to use it.

WP Smush

Wp smush is an image optimization plugin which compresses and optimizes images to deliver optimum performance. It offers various features such as optimizing images in any directory and bulk optimization as well as individual optimization which makes smush one of the widely used image optimization plugin with over 2.7 millions of downloads.

It comes with so many features such as lossy and lossless image compression so that you can decide what type of image compression to use for your website. They have a premium plan which allows you to save even more on image compression which is always useful.

If you purchase the premium version of the plugin they allow you to convert your images to Webp format. Webp allows you to significantly reduce image size while retaining image quality. All modern browsers can load this image format thus if you are really obsessed with speed, you must consider this too.

Download Smush


Imagify is a pretty famous image optimization plugin. They have various plans including monthly subscription and one-time purchase plans. They also have a free plan which gives 25MB worth optimization every month.

Imagify comes with various features such as normal optimization, lossless optimization and an ultra, it is lossy optimization which reduces image size considerably by compromising on quality.

imagify plans
Imagify monthly plans.

Like others, Imagify also offers a premium service. They have both monthly plans and pay as you go plans which is suitable for small website owners or bloggers. With this plan, you can buy prepaid data credits and which can be used to optimize images and corresponding data will be deducted from your prepaid credit.

Download Imagify


Shortpixel is another image optimization plugin which is rapidly growing. It provides excellent image optimization with their lossy optimization and comes with great options such as converting png images to jpeg to reduce image size even more.

Unlike others, Shortpixel has credit-based plans with monthly subscription and bulk one-time purchase plans. The credits can be used to compress images. One image compression costs one credit. The free plan offers 100 credits and price goes up as price increases.

They also have a one time plan. The lowest plan offers 10000 credits and it costs you $9.99. They also have bigger packages if you have more images to optimize. Their free plan is an excellent one for those newbie bloggers and small business owners.


Kranken is another well-known image optimizer available for download. Kranken uploads images to Kraken’s servers and optimization occurs on their server which means it will not put extra load on your servers.

If you have so many images to optimize, you can upload them as a single zip file to Kraken web interface and they will Unzip and optimize images in the folder.

One drawback of Kraken is that the plugin is not updated for a year and not tested with the current version of WordPress (4.8.2 while writing this article).


WP-Optimize is actually a databse optimization and cleaning plugin. We all know that WordPress relies heavily on database and it can be clogged. WP Optimize cleans the database and removes unwanted things.

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Latest version of the plugin also offers an image optimization feature which could optimize your images depends on your taste. You have so many options such as optimize with maximum details or optimize with maximum size reduction.

Upon installing the plugin, you will be presented with an option for a bulk optimization of images you already uploaded. The plugin is an excellent choice as it does so many things for you, which means you don’t need to install an extra plugin.


We have listed the most popular image optimization plugins and choosing one best image optimizer is a hard job because they have a different approach. We use Imagify for all our websites because it suits well for our needs and gives better results.

We switched to Smush for certain reasons and we are getting great results. Smush is completely free and it gives awesome results. With a pro smush plan, you can get 2x more optimization from smush and it will also remove 50 images per bulk smush limit.

For most of us, the free plan will be enough but if you need better performance, you can consider upgrading to a paid plan.

While Shortpixel is also an excellent image optimizer and they have a credit-based optimization system which many users will find appealing. They also provide 100 image credits for free every month which is also awesome.

Ewww optimizer provides better optimization with their free version and you can unlock many features with their paid version. And their cloud optimization is also wonderful.

All these plugins offer great image optimization with minimal difference in size. I would suggest you choose one which suits well for your needs.

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