Top 10 cloud hosting providers



Best cloud hosting providers

Cloud hosting is latest growing hosting. From websites to apps, everything runs in the cloud. Due to this new companies are being established and existing one started to invest much more in the field of web hosting to provide the best experience for users


When compared with other types of web hosting such as Shared, VPS and dedicated, Cloud hosting comes with lots of advantages. We list the benefits below

Cloud hosting promises 100% uptime

Cloud hosting promises 100% server uptime. Cloud hosting is not stored a single server. Copies of your websites are stored on servers in many data centres and in case if anything goes wrong with a data centre, another one goes online and your website will always be online.

It providers faster website loading time

As we mentioned earlier, copies of a website are being stored in many data centres all over the world and as a result, when a user enters your website address in the address bar, he will be connected to the data centre which is closer to the particular user. So website will load faster and latency will also be great

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