Why website security is important

Why is website security so important? Because hacking attempts are increasing day by day and your very new website or blog can be a target too. Before diving into the details, here is…

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Happy themes review 2019

Themes are probably the most important part of a website of a blog if you decided to go with a CMS or to be more precise, WordPress. It gives the look and feels…

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Places to buy affordable WordPress themes

We all know that the most important thing for a WordPress site is the theme we use. A theme has a lot to do with the website from user experience to the conversion…

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BunnyCDN review

So, we’ve been using bunny CDN for a while. We heard so many good words about them and decided to give them a try and to make a BunnyCDN review. Our results were…

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How to deal with content copying

You made a blog and work hard on creating awesome content that might boost your SEO and earn a good amount of money. You’re in the right track and steadily growing your website…

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Best SEO and SEM tools for your blog

SEO is one of the most important things in a website or a blog. Imagine you do everything right, you made a beautiful and engaging website or blog, created great content, yet struggling…

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Affordable shared web hosting that rocks

Are you struggling with a real tight budget yet don’t want to compromise on the quality of web hosting? Well, we have some recommendations worth trying. These web hosts are ultra-cheap and reliable….

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Best WordPress migration plugins

Many of you might have been looking to move to another web host due to various reasons such as you outgrown your current web hosting plan or your web host just sucks and…

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Best free multipurpose WordPress themes

Multipurpose themes as the name implies, have multi-purpose, they can be used for various purposes as someone needs. You can make Magazine websites, Business websites, portfolio websites and blogs with one theme. Multipurpose…

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Best WordPress backup Plugins

While most of us use WordPress to publish our website or blog, have you ever thought about data loss? A data loss can occur due to various factors such as server outage occurred…

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