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Are you struggling with a real tight budget yet don’t want to compromise on the quality of web hosting? Well, we have some recommendations worth trying. These web hosts are ultra-cheap and reliable. We personally tested these web hosts so that we can confidently recommend them to anyone. But to warn you, it is always good to get a managed WordPress hosting or a VPS for your website as they provide two important things, speed and uptime.

These are the most important things you should consider before purchasing a hosting service. We made this article if you are looking for a cheap hosting service due to budget constraints.

Before getting started, Please note that a few links in this article are affiliate links, we will get a small commission if you purchase anything clicking these links. You will not be charged anything extra, this is a great way to support this website.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

We consider three important things while making this list. Price, quality of support and quality of service.

Please note that we added only those web hosts which are around for a while and have some reputation in the industry.

Coolicehost (Review)

Coolicehost is an excellent Webhosting provider which offers excellent value for the customers. They offer excellent Nginx based shared hosting along with ultra-affordable semi-dedicated hosting that indeed provides excellent value when compared to the competition.

Finding a web host that offers great support, value and performance is indeed a hard task but Coolicehost makes everything right. We purchased a plan to test things out and eventually ended up continuing with them. Read our Coolicehost review.


Buy shared is another web host that offers fantastic web hosting solutions at a very affordable price. They offer Shared hosting starting from $8/Year. In this plan, they offer 5GB of Space and 25 addon domains. One thing worth mentioning is that they offer free dedicated IP with their plan which is an added benefit. Most web hosts charge up to $3/Month for a dedicated IP Address.

Currently, they are not accepting any new orders but keep checking their website maybe they will start accepting orders again.


Boomhost is the first on our list and we use Boomhost to host this website so we think that no further explanation is needed.

We like their speed and performance. They use SSD drives and also provide Jet backup for the safety of your data. Their servers are never overloaded and come with great specifications.

We also love their great support which is super fast and really friendly. If you really have a tight budget, we will certainly recommend using Boomhost as they are exceptionally great.

Their prices are really cheap already and they often have promos so that you can make use of them. They have only one Datacenter which is located in Canada. So if you are from the other side of the globe, you probably need to use a CDN but their servers are really fast even without a CDN.

Update: We were using Boomhost for a while and were pretty impressed with the quality of service they provided. However, recently they were acquired by another company. After the acquisition, we saw a drop in the quality of service they provide ( such as reduced server resources and support quality) so we decided to move to another webhost.


Warpline is equally favourite of ours. They have very cheap pricing and extremely great performance and pricing on offer.

We were really impressed by the quality of the support they offer it was friendly and effective. Indeed, we even hosted a few of our domains with them and placed so many requests. They listened to us with great patience and did everything they can.

Am I a bit excited when it comes to Warpline? Yes, I am, because they simply rock. They have shared plans starting from $1 and going up to $3. I would strongly recommend you if you need a very trustworthy web hosting partner.

Hostens (Review)

Hostens is a company which is located in Lithuania. They are a division of the parent organisation called interneto vizija.

They have really cheap pricing and great performing servers. They also provide incredible support via live chat and ticket systems.

They have data centres in their geo locations, America, Europe and Asia. The good thing about them is that you will get more attractive offers if you buy their services for a longer period of time.


Limenex is a Singapore based company that provides great web hosting. They do have multiple locations on offer and also provide great pricing along with some great promotions.

If you can make use of their promotions, you could get even more discounts. They do not provide support via live chat, but their ticket-based support system is really fast and friendly.


Contabo is a German web hosting company that offers great value for money service.

They are in business for a while and their pricing is pretty affordable for most. Offers start from €2.99/Month and include 50GB storage along with unlimited bandwidth and a free domain.

They have only one data centre which is located in Germany. So if you’re from the other side of the globe, they might not be good for you.

They are perfect if you have the majority of your users from Europe or if you are doing business in Europe.


InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Croc web is another affordable yet fantastic web hosting provider which is based in Canada. They have shared hosting plans starting from $2.95. This plan provides 10GB storage along with unlimited addon domain and unlimited bandwidth.

Now, being honest, Their pricing seems like it is on par with the other big web hosting providers. They provide huge discounts during special occasions that is the reason we added them here.

Other than that, they have friendly support and great server performance on offer.


Hostmantis is one of the last on our list because there are few negative reviews about them. We were also concerned about this so we decided to test them further. We purchased a 6 months plan to check their services. (We usually test web hosts only for a month)

During this 6 months period, we ran some tests and our results were really good. We checked speed from different locations around the world using Pingdom and Sucuri and our results were great.

There was only one instance of downtime during the course of 6 months and it lasted only about 3 minutes. When pricing is considered, this is excellent. Hostmantis offers so many data centre options that you can choose one which is close to the majority of your users.


Cloudean is a managed cloud hosting provider which provides shared hosting along with managed WordPress and managed cloud hosting services. While their prices are big higher than others, the reason why we included them in this list is their offers. They provide excellent offers at times and you can make use of their services.

We will continue adding more web hosts. Do check back soon.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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