You may be wondering how we make our income on If you are experienced with website making and maintenance you might be aware of the expenditures needed to run a website.

Well, it is simple, we make our income through affiliate marketing. If you hav3 no idea about affiliate marketing, it is promoting the particular product of someone for the commission. We as a web hosting reviewer , review and test services offered by web hosting providers. If we find them good, we recommend the web host to our readers. For this recommendation, we may get a commission.

You may have noticed that majority of our reviews got positive results and you may be wondering why is it so ?. To answer this, let me tell you that there are many web hosts out there and few of them are very popular and famous among webmasters for the quality of service. Before we review, we test a web host for almost a month in order to do this we make use of the money back guarantee offered by web hosts. And we make a review and post our findings and verdict. If we find that a particular web host performs poorly, we do not post a review of them. If we find minor problems with a web host, we clearly mention that  in our review and let webmasters decide whether they should purchase with the web host or not

How does affiliate marketing work ?

If you have gone through our reviews you may have seen buttons with a text “visit” web host. These are our affiliate link and whenever you click that link and make a purchase, the web host will give us a commission for referring a user. They track sales through cookies which are stored on your web browser

This is how affiliate marketing works and we make money


In short, we do the research and recommend you the best web host and we get paid for that by the commission. Here customers do not need to pay anything extra and also can get some additional off on total amount if purchased through our referral link