About Us

Welcome, To infolyte, I am Timothy the person behind Infolyte.com is made with a vision to give assistance for aspiring bloggers and webmasters.

A look back

When I started my first website back in 2008, I had no experience at all, I choose the wrong method(s) to run my blogs and websites. I have made many mistakes in choosing my web host and CMS. But, these mistakes gave me a valuable asset to get started – Experience. From my mistakes, I learned a lot about CMS and found some incredible Web hosts and have an Idea about the bad web hosts. Many of newbie bloggers might face this situation and infolyte.com is an effort to help them.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is simple, to share the experience we earned with other bloggers and to give them resources and tips to make their blog or website a success. And we also wish to honestly share our opinions and endorse products (Especially web hosts)  based on their quality of services and performance than the commission they offer. We strongly believe that trust is everything thus we always try to earn our reader’s trust.  We test products before recommending and list out pros and cons. We only recommend if the product is good.